Concerning JLA/Avengers #2 ... [spoilers]

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Concerning JLA/Avengers #2 ... [spoilers]

Post by JM1776 » Tue Mar 27, 2007 3:53 pm

... in which Superman defeats Thor:

In a word ... no.

Now don't get me wrong: Could Superman win? Of course ... assuming Thor fights like the "bruiser with a bludgeon"---as he invariably does when written by Kurt Busiek, whose dislike of the character is apparent to anyone who's read enough Avengers.

Certainly if Thor and Superman mix it up via the simple expedient of trading blows, with a bit of lightning and some heat vision for pyrotechnics' effect, Kal will emerge the victor as often as not.

Once we get beyond the basics, though, the God of Thunder is literally so far beyond the Man of Steel that it's not even a genuine contest. This is a being who, at the peak of his powers, would have a fair chance against the Silver Age Superman---the one who flew through supernovae to clean his suit and could move planets out of their orbit. Those seem like unmatchable feats, until we remember Thor separating Surtur from the Sword of Twilight, piercing a Celestial's battle armor, bitch-slapping Juggernaut around for 59 seconds when it was apparent from context that 61 would have had ol' Cain in Dreamland, etc.

[Oh, and for those bright bulbs who point out, "Well, Superman can lift Thor's hammer," all that means is that Superman, augmented with Thor's power, can defeat Thor. A+B > A is basic arithmetic, not a freakin' revelation.]

Busiek's agenda, for whatever reason, was to have Superman defeat Thor. To accomplish this convincingly for the less perceptive, he had Thor lead with his chin (a "tactic" only Walt Simonson and a few others did not chronically indulge), do nothing to defend himself and use none ... repeat, none ... of his cosmic powers. 'Reality' check (assuming such a phrase has meaning in the comics): The writer had Thor wade into Superman's heat vision when he could have easily absorbed, or at least deflected, it with Mjolnir.

A properly-written Thor (and that's the key) is more than a match for the Sentry ... the Silver Surfer ... Superman ...

... or, frankly, any super-hero we've yet seen.
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