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USS Dumbarton - Bravo Fleet

Post by Endeavour » Wed May 13, 2020 1:38 am

Currently sitting patiently at starbase 512 Waiting for her crew and assigned to the newly formed TF 25. They Galaxy is our play ground; to seek out and explore the still unknown with the aid of a newly discovered database; from the now long extinct alien race.

After receiving her first mission the USS Dumbarton is to continue out from the Typhon Expanse to a location 300 lightyears from Federation space to a star system known as NG601-B

Reliquary database states intelligent life once and may still do exist of a species called the Anuin; whom once traversed the stars over a 1000 years ago. they once reached the Gamma Quadrant at some point in their existence but had not ventured into the known explored space.

Upon reaching the planet NG601-B the crew of the Dumbarton find after scanning the system, nothing of any note, except minute residual readings of organic matter. Due to electromagnet interference, beaming down to the planet's surface was impossible and so the crew venture down in a shuttle craft. At some point during the decent to the surface, communication is lost and the crew crash land in a jungle like environment.

Open Positions:
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Security and Tactical Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief of Engineering Officer

and many More

our discord server is. code is valid for a day.


we are a 16plus Sim

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