RPG: Project Delta Personnel Office

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RPG: Project Delta Personnel Office

Post by Sqweloookle » Sat Aug 01, 2020 4:28 pm

Greetings, I bring you Project Delta.


Where? Delta quadrant. When? 2398. Why? Exploration. Voyager damage control. Investigate Borg status.
How? Quantum Slipstream Drive after 20 years of R&D + testing. What? Project Delta = 10 Starfleet ships & a 42 Merchant Marine & Colonial convoy.

Players crew the Galaxy-class Venture-refit USS Pioneer.
All Chief positions available. Civilian and Merchant Marine positions available. The Executive & Second Officer are interviewed.

Delta quadrant species accepted under conditions on Nova site: http://projectdelta.startrek-rpg.com/
Discord server is on Sqwe’s Simming Imperium, join us there: https://discord.gg/q6cfBsr

Check the following space often as I will be editing it when positions are taken or vacaded:
CMO Taken.

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