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Character Edei Earuo

Post by jayphailey » Fri Aug 31, 2007 9:00 am

Edei Earuo

Created By: Jay P Hailey

Full name: Edei Earuo
Species: caitian (with a hint of Tzinkethi)

Planet: Cretaceous.

Birthdate: 2344

Birthplace: Caitian Colony, Cretaceous

Age: 41

Sex: Male

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 215

Build: lite, cat-like

Description: Black, short hair. Golden eyes. Cat person.

Skin coloring: Black all over

Eyes: Golden

Hair: Eddie has short catlike hair all over his body

Rank: Lt Commander,

Position: Operations

Current Assignment: Pandora Station

Distinguishing Marks: None, Edei has all scars and damage healed over by modern medical science. he has a small faint white patch in the middle of his chest

Appearance: Edei prefers the scant type of uniform. Usually impecably groomed and turned out.

Appearance, off duty: Edei wears shorts and a jungle camo-t-shirt in the Caitian style. Or a loud obnoxiously colored T-shirt. When he dresses up he dresses to the nines.

Routine Activities: Sleeping. prowling. Reading up on random things. playing "Chase and Pounce" in various contexts. being smooth at the ladies.

Skills/Training/Professional Skills:

Growing up on a jungle world, Edei gained extensive experience at moving through jungle, hiding, survival and tracking. He is a decent tracker, naturalist and biologist, although he does not realize this.

Edei is a generalist. He is good at organizing things, programing and using starfleet computers.

Edei is adequate at fighting, flying, repair and damage control. he has scattered but broad knowledge of science.

Edei is a good observer.

He just completed fighter pilots training and so can be trusted to take off in a fighter plane, fly it from here to there and land it aggain without damaging it and himself most of the time. it wouldn't take much for him to falsley believe he is a natural super-ace. Currently his intelligence keeps him cautious about it.

Previous assignments -
JAG - Junior investigator and data-pusher
USS Ghialnoeg (A troop transport) Ops
Delta 14 - Intelligence listening post, Ops and communications
USS Arenac - Sees much Combat in the Dominion War, ops officer
USS Argonaut - general Adventuring ship, Ops officer
JAG Senior investigator, helps gather evidence and arrange information for trial.
Rokal's Raiders - maintance on Fighters and Bombers
Irumezoz IX - Archaeology, management and arrangement of local civilian labor

Relative Fighting Ability -Fighting/Shooting/Tactics?

In a hand-to-hand fight, Edei usesa typical Caitian "Fast and Furious" style. he is blazingly fast, but doesn't have large endurance

In shooting Edei is adequate - his quick draw is blazingly quick, but his accuracy past short range is not where he'd like it to be. Edei can use laser/blaster/phaser rifles and when he takes his time hit what he aims at.

Tactically, Edei also defaults to a cat like "Hide and backshoot" strategy. He dislikes stand up fights and likes to set up ambushes whenever possible.

Financial Status: Average for a caitian citizen

Group Affiliations: Caitian colony at Cretaceous, Starfleet, various previous assignments

Rokals Raiders Mercenary group (Undercover)
Voek Earou, a Tzinkethi hero and his former adventuring group

JAG Dept, Starfleet Command

Personality: Edei is curious, straight forward and fun loving. He prefers to present himself as a totally organized and togethr guy totally in control.

He can be prone to bouts of odd curiouity, and egotism.

If you're his friend, you're his deep close friend for life. Edei doesn't have a lot of middle ground there.

Ambitions and Goals: To impress females with rank, status, visible control of the situation, and shinies on his uniform. To see strange new worlds, explore them, sniff them and poke them with sticks. To have a lot of fun and retire to lie to kittens about his incredible deep space adventures.

Psychological Quirks and Problems: Edei is fairly hard core about being a generalist. He doesn't like to be tied down. This is due to being intimidated by his parents competence in science. Edei secretly believes he will never be as smart, well educated or deeply expert in things as they are and so refuses to try.

Edei like to appear together and in control. This is related to Caitain mating behavior. Females choose mates based on smell, health and personality primarily, but can be influenced by wealth, grooming, visual social status and the appearance of being completely smooth and in control.

Edei seeks to emphasize the surface issues, completely oblivious to the fact that the underlying issues are far, far more important.

Physical Problems: None on a Caitian Scale. Edei is large but not remarkably, so. Compared to humans he sleeps more than average, and lacks long term physical endurance, but this is normal for Caitains.

Also normal for Caitians, Edei is somewhat far sighted and his color vision is poor by human standards. His eyes are more specializied for catching movement than shapes.


Father Oedo Earuo; Mother Izaau Earuo

Edei's parent are both biologists, geneticists and naturalists on Cretaceous, a planet in a dinosaur age.

It is crawling with Dinosaurs large and small and a full ecology similar to Earth's 65 million years ago. It holds a small federation colony with a sizable Caitian majority.

Edei grew up on Cretaceous, playing in the jungle learning the fauna flora, learning to hunt, to hide and to observe from his parents, playing with friends and generally being a boy.

Edei's father, Oedo has Tzinkethi blood. He is large for a Caitain. Izaau is full blooded Caitain.

Both are lab-coat and deep science scientists and field scientists/trackers/guides on Cretaceous.

Edei has a younger Sister who is training to be a medical doctor and a much younger brother who is currently an easily distractable adrenaline addict.

Edei has an adopted little brother, the two kits get along like a house on fire and frequently spend entire days running around like loons.

Edei had girls friends as such, growing up on Cretaceous. he hasn't met the female yet for whom his instincts, guided by smell say "Just be near this person whatever else you do."

Edei's best friend growing up was Yowie Ragistan, a Caitain/Qzin hybrid. Yowie is a cheerfully amoral mercenary and leg breaker along the frontier. Yowie has a mate and Kittens on Cretaceous.Edei considers them neices and nephews, and visits when home on leave.

Enemies (And Why): Generic Enemies of the Federation.
Possibly more specific ones coming up

Special Abilities:
Edei can move with amazing speed. He can leap and do acrobatics a human could only duplicate with years of training and great difficulty.

Edei has a sensitive nose and can spell things with much greater accuracy than a human could.

Edei's night vision is superior to that of a humans (Although his color vision is poor)

Edei's tail is prehensile, he can use it as a third hand - this is normal for Caitains.

Edei is very intelligent, although he doesn't think so - this allows him to pursue a seemingly randomized path of generalism without being uselessly shallow in any given area.

Compared to a human, Edei sleeps a lot. He lacks long term endurance. if fighting a trained human boxer and forced into a stand up fight, Edei would be quickly broken up. Edei would not last as long as a human on a long distance hike.

History and Experiences Which have Affected Character Greatly:

2345 - Born

2351 - becomes member of a childrens dancing group.

2359 - Family visits Tzinketh. Ostensibly to aid in recovery from ecological disaster. However this trip also has a lot to do with granfather Erauo, who was a Hero of the Tzinkethi.

Grandfather, Voek Erauo taks a shine to Edei and bequeaths him his claws. armored gauntlets with enhanced claws, the Cat people eqvivalent of a bat'leth or a family sword.

Publically this makes Edei a person welcome Among the Tzinkethi, but many dislike his family and him for being of impure blood, being Federation citizens and just generally because they are pissy.

2363 - Starfleet Academy; 5 years

Year 1 - Edei encounters an Alien beast, lost from the San Fransisco Zoo. Edei hangs out with his new friend for a while, calming the beast and preventing as rampage.
Edei adds animal handling skill

Year 2 - Edei learns to cook in the Caitian Fashion, after chancing upon a small, almost hidden caitian cafe in San Fransisco. Edei hangs out there when possible and the family owning the cafe becomes Edei's adopted family in S.F.
Edei Adds cooking skill

Year 3 - On a field trip to a primitive world, Edei falls deathly ill of a previously undiscovered disease. He is healed by a psionic Antelope.

Year 4 - Edei and a group of classmates are marooned on an asteroid, and lost for a while. They were part of a cadet cruise and were ambushed by rogue klingons. The Klingons claimed they'd been killed when this was not true.

Their shuttle disabled, the Cadets and their leader stumbled into a hidden Orion drop-point, hide out, equipment dump and storage area. Using what they found there they were able to survive for 8 months, until rescued. The Orion who owned the place is not happy with them.
Edei Adds Survival-Vacuum and improvization.

The cadets must attend another year of Starfleet Academy to make up for classes lost.

Year 5 - While on a mission to another Caitian Colony, Edei responds to an emergency and rescues a Caitain/Qzin kitten from a wreck. Edei adopts the orphaned kit, and sends the orphan to live with his parents who bring the small one into their home.
Edei gains a relataive.

2368 - Tour 1 J.A.G Investigator, 2 years

JAG Dept, Starfleet Command

While working as a junior investigator for the J.A.G dept at Starfleet Command, Edei has an affair with a married Caitain woman. The woman ends the affair but remains friend with Edei. This is not as melodramatic as it might be among humans, Caitains are more casual about such things.

Edei gains a contact at Starfleet

During this tour Edei is heavily trained in Computers and communications equipment.

2367 - Tour 2 Troop Transport 2 years

USS Ghialnoeg (Named for a Colonial city that was the site of a battle during the 4 years way against the Klingons)

Edei requested a space berth to build his resume and was rewarded with a truly mediocre assignment. He spent two years as night shift Ops manager for the ship.

On a relief mission, several of the soldiers assigned to the Ghialnoeg were killed in a dispute with organized crime figures. It turns out they were running a theft ring and the dispute was a fall-out among thieves and fences.

Although Edei was breifly under suspicion, he was cleared of wrong doing. The incident was a black mark on the record of the Ghialnoeg crew.

Edei gains Computer hacking skills and a rival. Lt Derlington. (Now a Captain at JAG) Derlington is convinced that Edei is corrupt and seeks to ruin him.

A year later the USS USS Ghialnoeg was thrown into an Alternate Universe. using quick thinking and various dishonest skills the crew of the Ghialnoeg and the troops faked it until a return could be effected.

2372 - Tour 3 Intelligence Listening Post; 3 Years

Station Delta 14. (Listed as tour in Starfleet Communications.

Edei comes to the attention of Admiral Colemann, a gung ho militarist. Colemann influences Edei's career positively.

As part of a plot to break into the Listening station enemy agents infected the staff with a disease. Edei become horribly ill and is disabled for a while

Towards the end of Edei's tour, one of his colleagues is found horribly murdered. Edei does not know that the corpse was found to have been a clone. Starfleet Intelligence doesn't know who supplanted the Officer or when or why.

Edei and his crewmates were told that the extensive testing they underwent was due to the earlier infection and the possibility of the disease organism mutating.

After confirming all the officers were authetically themselves they were reassigned.

Edei gains contact - Adm Colemann, and increases his skills in computer security, hacking and communications technology

2375 - Tour 4 Perimeter Patrol Assignment; 1 years
USS Arenac - Steamrunner class.
Edei was Ops officer on this ship

USS Arenac does peacekeeping during a rebellion on a friendly world (The rebellion was started by The dominion trying to install government friendly to them.)

The Arenac fights in heavy fighting against the Dominion

The Arenac fights against The Dominion and is ambushed by the Breen. The Arenac is heavily damaged, and 83% of the crew are injured or killed.

The Arenac, hastily repaired fights in a critical victory against the Dominion and earns a unit citation for bravery.

The Arenac is Destroyed at the Chintoka System with heavy loss of life.

2376 - Tour 5 Perimeter Patrol Assignment; 5 year
USS Argonaut - Akira Class, Ops officer.

The Argonaut conducts a rescue mission to recover a science mission cut off during the war. Among the Scientists recovered, Edei's father.

Edei and the Argonaut crew go undercover to root out and destroy a pirate organization

Edei takes up swimming, and pursues the sport avidly.

During the cruise of the Argonaut, Edei met and romanced a Caitain woman. This was true love. The woman, named Ezoi Mezeou was a Starfleet Security officer on her way up in the organization despite a rough past.

The week they moved in together, another Starfleet officer was found Murdered on the Argonaut. Edei and the Chief of Security investigated - the The Officer had been blackmailing Ezoi. Before joining Starfleet, Ezoi had been a pirate. the murdered man recognized her and blackmailed her to keep her secret. When Ezoi hooked up with Edei, the victim threated to reveal her and she killed him.

Ezoi was stripped of her rank and commission and sent to new Zealand for a life sentence.

Edei and the Argonaut crew explore the ruins of an ancient world - they discover that despite a comet asteroid strike which destroyed the atmosphere of the world, some of ther inhabitants survived in hibernation. Edei befriends one of the survivors.

2381 - Tour 6 J.A.G. Investigations; 3 years
Starfleet Command, San Fransisco

Edei goes undercover with a mercenary crew, suspected of being a pirate front. He becomes an NCO space ship technician, servicing the fighters and bombers of the mercenary comany but finds no wrong doing.

During an attack on the base, Edei works bravely to rescue fallen comerades and is remembered fondly by his fellow Mercenaries

Edei and his crew of JAG investigators must race Romulan Agents to catch an innocent bystander who has stumbled into ownership of a chip with deep secrets on it.

Edei works on his acting skills, and joins a theater group.

2384 - Tour 7 Archaeological Survey Mission: 1 years
Irumezoz IX

Edei works as an organizer manager of an archaeological dig, exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization

This religious interplanetary democracy was noted for its advanced pharmacology. It was destroyed by a religious cult because of the people's extreme jealousy, leaving behind only records.

2385 - Tour 8 Pandora Station

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