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The Gallowayans

Post by jayphailey » Wed Oct 17, 2007 3:07 pm

The Gallowayans
by Dennnis Washburn and Jay P. Hailey

The Gallowayans: Interstellar traders with a long reach and a long view.

The Gallowayan sphere of influence is more that three hundred light years
wide, with the closest border to the Federation being 1,200 light years away
from the UFP border. Their nearest neighbors are the Zak Empire and the Kurr
The specific location of the Gallowayan homeworld is not known. It is a
closely guarded secret of the Gallowayans.

Gallowayan space is a series of trade routes, each owned by a different
family of Gallowayan traders. There are many planets inside this space that
have friendly trade relations with the Gallowayans. Some of these routes are
new and more well traveled, and some are old and not well traveled.

The Gallowayans are humanoids. They are shorter and stockier than Earth
humans and some would say uglier. They are an older race having had a stable
society and star travel for hundreds of years.

Government Types:
The Gallowayans are ruled by a coalition of families with vast wealth. The
families sometimes spin off a ship or a related family group to participate
in interstellar trade. The Gallowayans have a corpocracy, where the social
contract is literally a series of contracts between families, groups and

The driving force in the Gallowayans economy as far as it has been seen is
interstellar trade. It is probable that the Families of Gallowayans who rule
the homeworld are also the source of capital and credit which fuels the
interstellar trading missions.
The best investment that a Gallowayan family makes is the construction of
new long duration trading vessel. They also train the crews from birth.
The new ship with it's new crew assigned by hereditary caste then goes out
and trades. Sometimes it may trade along trade routes owned by the Family
that sponsored it, or it may explore and try to develop a new trade route
and new resources. After a certain amount of time the new trade ship pays
itself off to the family that built it. This may take two or more
generations to accomplish.
The ship then becomes an allied family of it's own in the Gallowayan
The exploration and development of trade routes is the most risky and yet
most profitable activity that the Gallowayan trade ships pursue.

Nearly nothing is known of the Gallowayan military. As a rule the
Gallowayans do not practice hostility because the cost/benefit ratio is too
Individual Gallowayan trade ships are adequately defended to make them
unattractive targets for raids or piracy.
It is probable that the Gallowayans have a much stronger military
capability at their homeworld. No one from the Federation has visited it,

The Gallowayans have had spaceflight for a long time. Their society is
entirely based around economics and economic analyses of social factors.
Murder is wrong to a Gallowayan because the person murdered is certainly
worth hundreds of thousands of credits over his lifetime, and possibly
capable of changing things for the better forever. The cost of a murder is
not only monetary but the possibility is now gone.
The Gallowayans have a long term outlook and will often claim a primitive
planet as a proprietary part of their trade route against the day in the
future when the primitive planet will advance to the point where contact is
The Gallowayans will not willingly engage in activities that damage the
ecology or culture of a planet, as they value the potential benefit to their
descendants more than transient, short term gain.
To develop each of these approaches to life, culture and society it is
probable that the Gallowayans had to make these mistakes and then be forced
to cope with the consequences.
It is worth noting that the Gallowayans use huge fusion/impulse style
reactors instead of the more efficient antimatter engines of the UFP.
Although they use much more fuel than an equivalent Federation Starship, the
powerful fusion reactors of the Gallowayans can make plasma of equal
temperature and pressures to the warp cores of Federation starships.
The inefficiency of the engines is regarded as an acceptable trade off to
the Gallowayans who dislike the risk of antimatter which explodes violently
when placed in contact with normal matter.
A Gallowayan scout made it almost to the current border of the UFP in the
late 2100s.

The Gallowayans appeared in Dennnises 1992-1995 Star Trek Campaign. They
are background material for Jay's Star Trek: The Voyage of the Harrier

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