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Profile Joshua Kennedy

Post by jayphailey » Wed Oct 17, 2007 3:16 pm

Profile Joshua Kennedy

Joshua Kennedy, an antagonistic Starship Captain.

-Full name: Joshua Michael Kennedy
-Sex: Male
-Physical Description
A Trim Handsome Man, in the Generic Starfleet officer mold,

Kennedy's Parents are Political Figures on Earth. His father is a
retired Starfleet Admiral and his Mother is a retired Diplomat.
Kennedy has a number of cousins, but no direct Siblings.

Kennedy has few close friends but many political or career based

Kennedy pursues Sailing, Skiing, Swimming, Diving and Politics
with a fervor. He competes madly at them and resents losing.

-Skills/ Training/ Professional Skills:
Kennedy is an accomplished Starfleet Officer who came up through
the Administration and Command branch on paper and by a listing of skills
he's a good Starship Captain, an excellent politician and a fair

-Goals and Ambitions:
To rise to the top of the Starfleet Social/power pyramid and then
do the same in Politics becoming the President of the Federation.

Joshua Kennedy is inherently a Self centered individual. He is
technically competent and well trained but approaches any situation is
the primary concern of "How will this affect my Career?" and "How can I
use this to make myself look good?" So far this attitude has worked
because Starfleet usually rewards actions that are correct by the
Starfleet Code. Kennedy can tell you the Starfleet Codes of ethics
behavior and manuals of technical procedures, but he doesn't really
empathize with the Ethics and behavior parts he is simply pretending at
them as hard as he can to "Win the Game"

Kennedy comes from a family with a long history and tradition
(Yes, I was imagining those Kennedys) and grew up with the severely mixed
message that he's special just for being a Kennedy and under severe
pressure to perform and live up to the family history. (Which has
produced several noted Starfleet officers and political figures since the
22nd century)

Kennedy translated this into a subconscious measurement of
points. The better the accomplishment the more points he scores towards
being a successful Kennedy. Promotion is an excellent method, resume
building points are another, contacts and events which build the family
prestige are still more. This list is not something Kennedy himself is
even aware of, but he pursues it avidly.

Groups Affiliations:
Kennedy Clan (Serious), Starfleet (Serious), Old Boys Network
(Serious), Political subculture of the Federation (Not too serious, yet)

Campaign role:
Kennedy is a Starship Captain wandering loose in the Federation
and an example of all that's wrong with Starfleet. Think Captain Stiles
of Star Trek III but competent. He is self satisfied, overconfident and
arrogant, believing in his heart of hearts that Starfleet represent the
superior form of being in the Galaxy, that the Galaxy revolves around
Who's-Who in Starfleet Command and that he has the keys to eventually get

Kennedy hasn't been responsible for any disasters yet, because
that would make him look bad and he avoids that like crazy. But he
creates lots of work for the Diplomatic corps smoothing over ruffled
feathers and settling issues he hasn't quite nailed down.

If Starfleet PCs call for Back up and you as the GM didn't like
that idea, (Or if you just want to make the situation worse) Sic Kennedy
on them. Kennedy is a competent officer and in a situation where real
back up is needed (In the case of a battle) then you're fine with
Kennedy. In a case where it's a matter of dealing with a prickly new
race delicately and with empathy, you're in trouble with Kennedy.

He's not stupid, he's just being a Starship Captain for all the
wrong reasons and under the correct circumstances it shows.

Jay P. Hailey ~Meow!~
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Post by Michael » Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:27 pm

As a person, I doubt I'd be able to stand this guy, but as a character, I like him. :)
-Michael Gray
"In Great Deeds Something Abides"

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Post by lukedev75 » Wed Oct 17, 2007 8:39 pm

I am in agreement with Michael here.

I would also recommend we keep Capt. Kennedy away from any water-worlds. :shock: :wink:

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