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Non-Trek - Reeb

Post by jayphailey » Wed Oct 24, 2007 3:25 pm

"We have enough Youth. We need a fountain of Smart." - Unknown

Reeb -

Reeb is a toxic smelling and tasting fluid. Most people drink it with a mixer.

The effect of Reeb is as follows - for each ounce consumed in a one hour period, the drinker gets one temporary point of INT but suffers one point of temporary WIS damage.

Subjects feel smarter, and can feel complicated subjects whizzing throught their brains. Users report the feeling of sudden new understanding can be euphoric and quite intoxicawting.

Sages, Mathematicians and scientists agree that a light dose of Reeb before they begin work enhances their experience nicely.

However, as people consume more Reeb, they grow progressively more incoherent. They may be plumbing the depths of the universe, but no one can tell because they are shrieking incoherently. Naked. In church.

Reeb addicts can be spotted by crazed mathematics or magic symbols scrawled every where, mad science or mad magic projects in various states of completion, and the fact that local constables know them by name.

Reeb use is harshly punished in magic schools and colleges, but that never entirely stops it.

Reeb is expensive. it is fermented from the rare smart-berry bush found in the distant Nurmnurm jungles.

Smart berries are tiny little objects colored electric blue with a red strip around their equator. They grow in bunches.

Smart berries have a natural accompaniment - duh-berries. Duh berries are red with a tiny blue stripe.

Smart berries are literally brain food. If the victim of a stroke, a head injury or other INT drain binges out on huge quantities of smart berries, he can get a fort save to begin recovering the INT loss.

Reeb does not have this effect, although research continues into why.

Duh Berries are a poisonous hallucinogen. a handful will cause massive hallucinations, make the consumer sick and possible kill him. Duh berry juice refined to a suryp can be used as a poison, especially if you want your victim to embarrass himself before he dies.

Reeb is fermented from a massive of smart berries, one duh berry and a handful of other common ingredients.

The tribesmen of Nurmnurm agree that the original inventor of Reeb had probably eaten a duh berry or two.

Reeb became part of a religious ritual for the Nurmnurm tribes men. Thier sacred textx are mathematical and cosmological theories that are only now being decoded by science.

Sadly the Nurmnurm tribesmen had little resistance to disease, alcohol or gambling when contacted by modern peoples. The Nurmnurm that weren't killed by sexually transmitted diseases were murdered by loan sharks after failing to pay off gambling debts.

The very few survivors make frighteningly effective scientists, thaumaturges, physicists, sages, mathematicians, wizards and organized crime investigators.

The duh berry and smart berry bushes are touchy, finicky creatures that refuse to grow much anywhere outside the nurmnurm jungles and apparently even then, not unless spoken to properly and lavished with care.

Reeb and alcohol neutralize each other, leaving something resembling gatoraid. And angry Dwarves.
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