You can GM anything in Star Wars - 10-24-2007

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You can GM anything in Star Wars - 10-24-2007

Post by jayphailey » Wed Oct 24, 2007 9:37 pm

You can GM anything in Star Wars - The Battlefield at Heavens Gate

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The Psychlos are very large, very angry people. generations ago they fought a war against humanity and lost, becoming exiled to a single world.

Their population has been declining ever since.

Ten years ago, a nearby planet was devastated by Solar flares. There was advanced warning, so evacuees and regugees flew in all directions.

a Refugee camp/colony was set up on the far side of the planet from the main Psychlos area.


Recently, unknown to most other folks, a rogue Psychlos discovered rich veins of "unobtanium" in the mountains. Psychos can't mine it, being desperately vulnerable to radiation.

So psychlos have been kidnapping and enslaving human refugees. to mine the minerals.

The colonists have caught wind of this and are painfully scraping money together to hire mercenaries to go and attack the Psychlos and end the slavery.

The Psychlos, on the other hand resent the intrusion of the humans and are gearing up for some erthnic cleansing.

The Mining and slavery operation is run by a Psychlos named Terl who is known for being corrupt, greedy, and having horrible taste in films.

If the Psychlos are made aware that Terl is doing this - they'll kill him, his thugs and his slaves, and anyone nearby - for the crime of starting trouble and mining unobtanium without making sure everyone got their fair share.

Some authority - the Empire - the rebellion, the new Republic, the Old Republic, the Library Guild, someone hires the PCs to go and reveal just whats going on, and head off a war.

Or the PCs may be mercenaries hired by the colonists to exterminate Psychlos and ened the slavery and ethnic cleansing deal once and for all.

A hero has arrisen among the colonials, Johnnie Goodboy Tyler. PCs who adopt this character and use him as a Polish Mine Detector should be awarded extra XP.
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