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Profile - Jay-trek The Bank of Calas Prime

Post by jayphailey » Fri Nov 02, 2007 3:31 am

Bank of Calas Prime

Group Name: Bank of Calas Prime

Created by: Jay P Hailey

Appearance: Raumschiff Melakon

Number of Members: Approximately 2500 employees and officers, numerous depositors and stock holders.

Nature of Members: Employees, working folks who work for the bankk on Calas Prime.

Officers, bank Executives who win positions through competence, nepotism, bribery, coercion or some mix of all of these.

Stock holders: People who have bought stock and partial ownership in the Bank of Calas Prime

Organization: Corporation

Game Role: A source of game MacGuffins, and a way for "Evil" factions to move money around.

World Role: a Bank on the Neutral World of Calas Prime. Notably incurious about the source of deposited wealth. Willing to do business with anyone.

Relative Influence: In Political terms, Small. Known space is littered with banks of this type.

In Personal terms could be quite large.

Public or Secret?: Public. Some of it's services are not widely advertised.

Publicly Stated Goal: To be a safe repository of value for custoimers, a source of capital for investment and and increase the value of the stock for shareholders.

Relative Wealth: Compared to nations, teensy.

Compared to individuals, huge.

Group advantages: based on a non-Federation planet, the Bank of Calas Prime is not subject to federation law. Calas Prime Law is very friendly with the bank (So long as they get their cut). As a corporation, shareholders and officers enjoy limited legal liability.

Special Abilities: Utilizing electronic banking and arcane fananical maneuvers the Bank of Calas Prime can increase the wealth of depositors. The bank can also launder money from illegal activities and hide assets from bounty hunters and investigators seeking it's clients.

Group disadvantages: The Bank of Calas Prime cannot dodge. The Main building must be locatable and hav e a sign describing what it is.

Special disadvantages: The Bank of Calas Prime would be a good "get" for hackers and bank robbers. It must always be on guard against theft and robbery.

The Bank of Calas Prime uses Gold Pressed Latinum as a reserve metal. This is common in Known space, as many independant societies have adopted GPL. The Orions have also quickly uptaken GPL. However unknown to many, the Bank of Calas Prime operates on a partial reserve systemn. Although credits - and electronic accounts promise to be covered by GPL on demand, the bank doesn't actually have as much GPL on hand as is technically deposited.

If, for some reason depositors decided that the Bank of Callas Prime was risky or insoilvent, they could trigger a "Bank run" which would destroy the bank.

So the Bank lives and dies on it's public reputation, and must guard this avidly.

Those who favor them: Shady businessmen and people who like to move currency about for shady purposes.

Businessmen of Calas Prime who despot their money in and benefit from the bank.

Those opposed to them: Law enforcement agencies, particuarly those of the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Area of Operation: The Sword worlds, Calas Prime

Headquarters Location: The City of Calas Prime

Public Face: Technocratic financial experts who specialize in monetary transactions and not asking a lot of questions.

Notable Members: None established yet.

History of the Organization: Established on Calas Prime, the Bank is old and has been serving its intended purpose for a while. No detailed history currently established.

Fate of the Oganization: Undetermined at this time.

Note Callas Prime is a neutral world along the Orion Main in between the Klingons and the Federation, technically within Federation space.

Although an Orion Descended World, Callas Prime is cosmopolitan, with people from many species in known space. The majorty of residents are Orions, Humans and Klinzai. A solid Minority are Klingon and Bajoran.

People from Earth consider Callas Prime to be a throw back to Earth's old "Cyberpunk" bad-old-days. There is a lot of truth to this.

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Post by jayphailey » Fri Nov 02, 2007 3:20 pm

The Federation/Klingon border has two sections - the standard border and the Klinzai area

In my game the Klinzai are the more human looking Klingons from TOS - a client race of the main Klingon Empire.

The Orions are yellow/golden and green folks - they were once a powerful empire in the area between the Klingons and the
Federation - it collapsed a thousand years ago, leaving worlds all over populated by Orions Descended people.

Human renegades and freebooters came into the area in the pre-Federation and early-Federation time period, resulting in a mish mash of Human, Klinzai, Orion, Klingon and other folks along this axis.

At the core of this axis, right on the border between the Federation and the Klingon Empire are the "Sword Worlds" - words ruled by Neo-feudal warlords who engage is conquest, piracy, raids and other violent behavior.

During the Klingon/Federation cold war, neither side wanted the other to gain control of the Sword Worlds, and they
successfully played one side against the other to maintain independance.

Afterwards, both the Federation and the Klingon Empire reduced their military budgets, and so didn't have the massive
forces necessary to occupy and quell the sword worlds.

Klinzai imperial forces make occasional sweeps, blowing up larger pirate vessels, and doing enough damage to keep the Sword Worlds from becoming a defacto third empire in the area. Starfleet frigates patrol aggressively.

Still the area remains relatively wild and free.

This is where Calas Prime is

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