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Profile - Planet Akbara

Post by jayphailey » Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:01 am

Name: Akbara

Created By: Jay P. Hailey

An open planet on the fringes of known space...

Solar System:

System Name:


Several days' travel outside the Federation's Frontier into unknown space.

Inhabited Planets:

Other Planets: 7

Artificial Objects:
Many satellites and junk abandoned in solar orbit

Hot, desert, mountainous. Akbara is a desert world. Only the Caps have vegetation and a pleasant environment. There are shallow, briny seas.

Akbara City, A city adjacent to an equatorial sea. It is habitable by dint of large-scale irrigation and low tech ventilation techniques. Akbara City is the home of the main spaceport of Akbara, and the Marketplace District.

Akbara was founded hundreds of years ago by religious fanatics. They struggled along in poverty, reinforcing their own notions of spiritual superiority until contacted in the recent past. Now, buoyed by Galactic technology, the Followers of The One True Way tolerate the existence of unbelievers, rogues and sinners, just as long as they get their cut of the action.

The culture of Akbara is centered around strict adherence to the "One True Way." Described in an ancient book of writings. This book proscribes a limited but rigid set of rules and gender roles.

Akbara is run by an Oligarchy, at the top of which sits the Sultan, The monarch and head of the Religion of the "One True Way". Around Akbara City an in the Akbaran Solar system, the people of Akbara tolerate outsiders and non-believers with ill-concealed contempt. They may mention that they feel Galactics are insane for allowing their women to go about underdressed and armed.

Supporting Galactic piracy and reselling loot is big business on Akbara, second only to mining, so outsiders are tolerated.

The Oligarch class on Akbara is particularly unpleasant. The rationale is that since outlanders are not believers in the One True Way that harming an outsider is not technically a sin.

Galactics out by themselves especially if particularly attractive risk being kidnapped into slavery on Akbara. Parties with attractive members may have to field offers to sell party members to interested Oligarchs.

Away from Akbara city, the locals are provincial, hard working and utterly convinced of their moral superiority. Outsiders are liable to be snubbed but not harmed.

Inside Akbara City, especially in and around the Market district, the culture tends toward somewhat cynical, street smart and opportunistic.

Planet Stats Box -

Planet Name:


System Data:
Akbara has a medium sized moon, an airless rockball similar to Luna.

1.04 g

Year and Day:
Akbara's day is 20 hours. It's year is 418 standard days

Oxygen/Nitrogen. Earthlike

30% of the planet is covered in brackish salty oceans. They don't support much past algae and plankton

Hot. Akbara is a desert across most of it's surface, ranging from out and out bone dry sand dunes, to scrub deserts.

Sapient Species:
Humans 50%, Orions 30%, others 20%

Tech Level:
Base five, upgrading to six. Modern technology is easily available for those who can pay for it.

Theocratic Oligarchy. The Sultan is also the head of the church. Strong Sultans wield almost absolute power. Weak Sultans can become figureheads and patsies of their court. The current Sultan is very strong and his will is enacted almost without hesitation. There is a solid, dependable bureaucracy on Akbara, composed mainly of working class people intent on keeping things stable.

Akbara has plentiful mineral wealth.

Places of Note:
The palace of the Sultan, a sprawling, luxurious edifice surrounded by acres of carefully tended gardens.

Akbara City, a rambling city. The oldest on Akbara, it exists mainly to support the Spaceport.

Akbara space port. A wide flat landing zone populated mainly small ships, fighters and attack craft. All manner of ships can be spotted there, including some built by unknown hands. Hangars hold support installations that can repair refuel and rearm most ships size 3 and smaller.

Further away ships up to the size of cruisers can land and seek service. Akbara City Market District, a traditional Hive of Scum and Villainy. Food, drink, spare parts and fuel can all be had there (Or at least brokered for) there are also casinos and brothels, where all sorts of perversions can be indulged, for the right price. There are also some relatively straightforward restaurants and inns catering to travelers ad businessmen with less exotic tastes and more self control.

Akbara has a medium sized moon, an airless rockball similar to Luna. It is peppered with a variety of domes and small bases. Some of these are old mining domes and well built. Others are lash-ups assembled piece meal from scraps and surplus cargo containers.

As a general rule a single pirate band occupies one installation, although the large domes have several occupying groups or their own native inhabitants.

This moon is the home to alternative ship facilities besides the Spaceport of Akbara.

Akbara's closest planetary neighbor is a very dense terrestrial planet. It has an atmosphere of methane and hydrogen at low pressure and high temperature. This planet goes by a variety of names, most of them some variation of "Purgatory". There are extensive mining works on this world, and it is a rich source of mineral wealth. Luckless slaves could expect to be sent to these mines and worked to death until recently. Imported galactic mining machinery easily out-produces slaves, is easier to support in the hot, poisonous atmosphere and never threatens escape.

Ship facilities:
Akbara's moon has about a dozen small ship yards optimized for handling small ships and raiders. They can built shuttles, Fighters and attack ships and are working facilities to build Orion Blockade Runners which compare to Maquis Raiders or Klingon Bre'el class Bird of Prey.

The Akbaran Space port can support almost any size of ship that can land, although a size 6 ship may stress their capabilities.

The population of Akbara is comprised mainly of Humans and Orions blended in a society that prizes adherence to the One True Way.

A sizable minority are refugees from the civilized Galaxy fleeing the consequences of bad luck or bad decisions or both.

The most active minority on Akbara are numerous Pirate bands who use the planet as a home base.

Strategic Importance:
Akbara faces a side of the Federation that does not have a major hostile power nearby. As such pirates basing there face weak defenses and unprepared populations.

The economy of Akbara is based on very leveraged farming, and under developed mining. These are both getting a boost from Akbara's unique interface with Galactic commerce.

The element of Akbara's Economy that will concern PCs and their superiors is Akbara's basing of Pirates and reselling of stolen or illegal loot. Through this set up the wealth of the Oligarchy and the rest of the population of Akbara has begun to grow.

Akbara uses the Akbaran Credit, an old fashioned circulated currency. Latinum and Federation Credits must be exchanged at Akbara space port, and the exchange rate favors the Sultan.

Slavery is a dying institution on Akbara. Formerly primitive mining and hydroponics farming occupied much forced labor. A slow but methodical upgrade to modern technology in these industries is reducing the need for the average slave. However for attractive people, especially women, enslavement in the brothels of the Market District is a distinct and awful possibility.

Present Conflicts:
The richest and easiest Target near Akbara is the United Federation of Planets.

Several other neutral or Prime Directive planets can be in range of Pirate attacks.

The Sultan of Akbara is carefully with holding support to pirate bands to keep their activities below a carefully calculated threshold. Akbara is part of an underground network of Orion planets, which share data, technology and profit from illegal activities.

The UFP certainly won't be terribly happy with Akbara when they discover it.

Many of the other independent worlds in the region will also be unimpressed.

The Orions have a good relationship with Akbara and maintain trade with them.

No one else is really close enough to give much thought to Akbara.

The military of Akbara has three tiers.

The first tier is the Guardians of the One True Way. A mix of special Operations Forces and Internal Security Police, these men ruthlessly enforce the Sultan's will all over Akbara and beyond. They are noted for their bright yellow uniforms with black trim. This makes the average Guardian very visible.

If anyone confronts a Guardian, attacks, injures or kills one, he is liable to draw a swift reaction by massed forces of the Guardians. Few people live through this response, including bystanders.

The bright yellow uniforms of the Guardians perform the same function as bright colors do in nature, as a warning of dangerously poisonous prey.

Guardian vehicles usually share this yellow-with-black-trim color scheme. This includes the Akbaran Flagship, the Sword of the Sultan. The Sword of the Sultan is an ancient battle cruiser from a historical war. This ship has been lovingly tended and upgraded, and it is a match for a heavy unit from any major power.

The Guardians also have a variety of patrol and combat craft suitable for their needs.

The Sultan claims first pick of loot coming through Akbara. The cream of stolen military equipment goes to the Guardians.

The Guardians themselves are picked from the most intelligent, competent and fanatically loyal followers of the One True Way. They are warmly regarded amongst the ordinary population of Akbara as literally the guardians against a hostile and blasphemous Galaxy, it is a great honor to have a son chosen to be a guardian.

Encountered in Akbara City, they tend to be arrogant, and somewhat pushy.

Commander Vellox is the Chief of the Guardians. He is a dedicated and professional soldier. He dislikes taking unnecessary casualties and prefers well planned and timed operations, as opposed to off-the-cuff improvised operations.

The second tier of the defense of Akbara is composed of the pirate bands. These bands range from small bands of thugs with hand weapons that hire out for leg breaking purposes to smaller starships that operate in a pirate/mercenary mode.

Akbara is an open port for the lawbreakers if they are careful to pay their share, usually 10 percent of the take, with military equipment taken off the top. Akbara is developing extensive support facilities for these new customers.

When the Sultan experiences a problem with any given Pirate band, other pirate bands are invited to help the Guardians wipe out the offenders. Those that do are rewarded with shares of taken loot, temporary breaks on the Sultan's cut of future loot and the Sultan's good will, which is vital to continued business on Akbara.

The organization of such pirate bands is various. They frequently are colorful and wild in color and style. They often congregate around colorful and charismatic leaders and are unstable in many ways.

The third tier of the Akbaran Military is the faithful population who will rally to the defense of their faith and their sultan if things get really bad.

The Akbarans have their own native language, which may contain clues to their origin. An accented form of Federation Standard is spoken. A similarly accented form of Orion is also spoken.

Akbarans can easily get any number of weapons, drugs and criminal tools in the market district.

Anyone can get a job with very little in the way of background checks.

"Pirate Scum" is not well respected in mainstream Akbaran Culture; most outsiders are considered not really people. Little law enforcement exists, especially in the Market district.

Notable Inhabitants:
The current Sultan of Akbara is a master scholar of the Writings of the One True Way and skilled at twisting the interpretation of them to his own ends.

His public persona of a genial uncle who happens to sit on the throne hides a fiendishly crafty and utterly ruthless operator mainly interested in securing his own and then Akbara's well being.

Vellox, Commander of the Guardians of Akbara. A true believer, he has blinded himself to the self centered nature of he Sultan and defends his faith and his home world with solid competence

Impana. An Urchin. A 14 year old boy who has soaked the opportunistic and mercantile nature of the Akbaran Market District into his identity. He owns a rattletrap car, which he runs as Impana's Taxi Service. If PCs enter Akbara by the spaceport he'll be the most aggressive to pursue their patronage. Impana is fundamentally a good person, if somewhat straightforward and greedy.

Kaskey, who runs Kaskey's Inn. A man with the upper left side of his head covered by prosthesis. A human who speaks unaccented Federation Standard, he is an exile. Kaskey's Inn is a clean, well run place, and Kaskey will not allow any "Shenanigans" to sully his establishment. A good place for spacers who want real food, real rest and real baths. Kaskey is friendly with Impana and tries to help the boy out where possible.

Green Jack, Green Jack's band. Green Jack is a typical Pirate leader, brutal, ruthless and occasionally just plain mean. His band is limited to a handful of small attack ships of limited range. If the PCs trace him back to Akbara from his base in the Zarlan Minor Asteroid Belt, he'll seek bloody and straightforward revenge. Green Jack and his band are fairly representative of the average pirate band. Their ships are generally painted in a green color scheme, with Green Tye-die being popular.

Grigmari Band. A pack of weirdoes, they approach piracy as a business, with cost-benefit analyses guiding their strikes and a tight corporate based culture. They are the yuppie scum of the Pirate World. They dress for success and never hold a grudge unless it's a profitable one.

Dezan A discredited and expelled member of the Guardians. He is noted for innovative tactical thinking and an interpretation of the Writings of the One True Way that says that Piracy is bad. His vocal calls for an end to the support of piracy and pursue better relations with the Federation have lead to him being considered an outcast and a nut-job. Occasionally he hangs around the Kaskey Inn.

Campaign Role:
A Space going Casbah. A place for PCs to go and make lots of streetwise rolls to track down underworld connections and/or sought people. If the PCs make a straight head approach in a large starship, in uniform, The Sultan will greet them with guarded good humor, while enacting plans to enhance Akbara's
"Plausible Deniability". His plans to maintain neutrality while claiming that the peaceful religion of the One True Way doesn't allow him to support piracy or unnecessarily bother anyone.

Most Pirate bands will flee to less well known pirate havens. If the PCs make a surreptitious approach, in a non-starfleet ship, in civilian clothes, they will be generally accepted as another batch of smugglers and creeps. They should bring lots of cash to pay off the Spaceport and entry officials.

Operational security in and around Akbara isn't great, since there's the feeling that Akabara's distance outside the border of the Federation protects it from discovery.

Worldly criminals pirates and bad guys may well have cause to question a batch of fresh faced, healthy and well groomed looking people in clean civilian clothes in well repaired ship, and be suspicious.

The Guardians are somewhat paranoid and do keep informants and undercover agents in Akbara city. If they twig that the PCs are Starfleet officers, then the Sultan will have them retrieved and lie to them trying to gain a more friendly and controlled entry into Federation awareness.

Instead of directly destroying any rival or unruly pirate bands, he will simply tell Starfleet where to intercept their next raid, making himself look more cooperative while using Starfleet to eliminate problems.

If the PCs are Mercenaries or rogues themselves they will find Akbara a rich source of truly unpleasant work, robbing, looting and raiding and pillaging innocent civilians and shipping in the UFP.

If the PCs are part of a mercenary group hired to protect the region, they will find Akbara a startlingly open source of information for quite a while. The idea that Federation Civilians might hire mercs to guard them would seem not to have occurred to the pirates at Akbara.

However in time survivors may carry word of this back to Akbara. The PCs may then expect a very warm response, including direct military assaults, assassination attempts and hacker mayhem. All the things outraged pirates might do with a crime-mall at hand.

The Sultan would have any such people he was aware of captured and questioned relentlessly (Under all forms of interrogation, from hostile telepaths and torture, up to a Mind Sifter, if the Narrator feels the need). Characters would be questioned for all the details of their operation. Such captured characters would not leave alive unless rescued.

A .5au Hot rock ball

B .8au hot rock ball, 3,000 mi, diameter, methane Hydrogen atmosphere,

C 1.1au Akbara. 6,000 mi, 1.04 g 2 moonlets, 1 medium moon (luna)

D 1.7au Asteroid belt

E 2.9au gas giant

F 5.3au gas giant

G 10.1au Asteroid belt.

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