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Profile - Earthforce, Jay-Trek

Post by jayphailey » Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:03 am

Group Name: Earthforce

Created By: Jay P Hailey (Inspired by and name ripped off from J michael Straczynski)

Number of Members: about 10 million (1 million active duty, 9 million reserve)

Nature of Members: Residents of Earth who wish to serve the safety and security of Earth.

Organization: Military

Game Role: Either to be Starfleet wannabes and also rans, rivals or back-up for PCs

World Role: Defending Earth, Sol system and Earth Gov interests in the Galaxy

Relative Influence: Minor, they are often considered an appendage, a small, inconsiderable sidekick to Starfleet

Public or Secret: Public

Publicly Stated Goal: To defend Earth and it's people from all threats and natural disasters

Relative Wealth: Compared to individual, huge, they can afford fleets of Starships. Compared to Starfleet, small, about 1/40th the size. Compared to other planets, medium, Earth Force would be the 21st largest military in known space, and is concentrated on ground combat.

Group advantages: Earthforce has a lot of physical force available. They can call on Starfleet and other planetary defense forces for aid if necessary.

Contacts: Mainly Starfleet. But they do have exchanges and cross training with other planetary militias.

Group disadvantages: Earthforce is limited by the Terran constituion and rules of military behavior. Earthforce is widely considered an embarassing anachronism among the civilian population of the Earth

Those who favor them: Earth people who know that Earthforce is occasionally needed. Starfleet. Other planetary defense forces who are allied with Earthforce

Those opposed to them: Pirates, terrorists, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, fires and tornadoes. People who feel that for Earth to express military force is morally wrong and dangerous.

Area of Operation: Earth and Earth Colonies.

Headquarters Location: Earthdome, Geneva Switzerland

Public Face: Earnest Rescuers and defenders

Notable Members: None established yet

History of the Group:
The History of Earthforce begins in the immediate aftermath of the AI War and post atomic Horror in 2079. The shattered remains of Earth militaries, cut off from their high commands often had to work and cooperate in an ad-hoc fashion, and discovered that over all, their priorities, the defense of hearth and home were their highest priorities.

When the provision Earth government formed, a large part of the population of Earth all but demanded a unified government which would leave the chaos and petty bickering of the nation-states of the 21st century behind.

The remains of the world's militaries also found this an agreeable goal and slowly but sure switched their allegiences to Earthdome and Earth as a whole.

Over the course of the next 30 years EarthGov and Earthforce grew together and asserted their control over anarchic, post holocaust Earth.

Earthforce considered itself to be the legitimate inheritor of the military traditions of the nations that made up EarthGov. Independant members of these forces were subsumed, except for particular forces which posed no threat to world order, and had organizational goals which were more focused. For example, the Swiss Guard that guards the Pope, and the U.S. Coast Guard, a police and search-and-rescue organization.

Earthforce borrowed from the doctrines and training of all Earth Militaries, filtered through the bitter experience of surviving veterans of World War Three and the A.I war.

Earthforce became very similar to an planetary national guard, putting most of it's effort into disaster response and recovery, and enforcing the law in areas of civil disorder.

Earthforce took over all governmental Space Programs and space militaries, as well.

After Earth began it's recovery from the AI war and nuclear exchange in earnest, Earthforce and the United Earth Space Probe Agency built deep space ships and began systematic survey of local space trying to track down Earth colonies and refugees. Detachements of Earthforce ships and personnel were often dispatched to colonies to help safegueard them. Most colonies of this age now have their own self defense forces, often modelled on Earthforce.

Earthforce and UESPA ships were responsible for making first contact with a number of different species.

Earth eventually proved to be the nexus through which Andor and Vulcan could find peace. Earth also provced to be a convinient transshippment point for trade between colonies and their home worlds.

During the Romulan war, Earthforce matured into an effective interstellar war machine.

After the founding of the Federation, Earth donated about one half of Earthforce to Starfleet. Although Starfleet's organization wasn't fully formed for quite sometime.

Starfleet cribbed liberally from Earthforce in it's early years. The relation has charitably been described as "Incestuous". Earthforce and Starfleet maintain reciprocity agreements, and officers can transfer laterally between the two services.

By the 2260s the relationship had changed. Earthforce was the smaller sibling and was cribbing from Starfleet liberally. This relationship has stayed stable ever since.

Earthforce cheerfully accepts transfers from Starfleet, people who want to serve under more stable and predictable cirumstances, or under conditions close to home. Earthforce and Starfleet exchange personnel regularly, and cross train often.

Other Federation worlds have expressed some discomfort with the relationship between Earthforce and Starfleet. Most of the other worlds maintain similar arrangements themselves. Objections are quickly answered by pointing out that Earthforce is very little more than a Starfleet Auxiliary anymore.

Some in Earthforce strive to differentiate themselves from Starfleet emphasizing the more overtly military nature of Earthforce and it's mission. others view Earthforce as a stepping stone into Starfleet.

Earthforce officers and personnel often turn out to have training and talents that Starfleet officers find useful.

Nearly all of Earthforce's mission outside the Sol system has been assumed by Starfleet, but occasionally when back-up is requested in the neighborhood of Sector 001, it's an Earthforce ship that answers the call.

Modern Earthforce Uniforms are green or blue variations of the Starfleet Uniform. The rank pips are the same.


2063 Zephram Cochrane makes 1st warp flight, first contact with the Vulcans

2072 - Bendross III launches

2076 AI War begins

2079 AI war ends in the Post Atomic Horror

2086 - Earth begins it's recovery in Earnest, with the establishment of a unified Earth Government based at the EarthDome in Geneva, Switzerland.

2090 Earthforce Established, Pacification campaigns begin.

2100 Earthforce space services take over all governmental space activity in Sol System.

2108 The First Earthforce warp drive ships leave the Sol System seeking information on the location and Status of Earth colonies.

2110 Pacification campaigns complete. Through diplomacy, espionage maneuver and warfare, all of Earth is brough under the jurisdiction of Earthdome. Few dissidents are in a position to challenge the power of the Earth Government anymore. All others have been militarily defeated or escorted off the planet.

2115 Slow warp drives and unknown space encounters lead to heavy losses for Earthforce. Vulcans refuse to offer technical aid.

2120 The Reconciliation. Tribunals, commissions and war crimes trials are held to reconcile Surviving dissident groups and Earth Gov. Many Earth Force commanders willingly admit their roles and resign or serve time in a massive prison on New Zealand. This lasts until 2130

2125 contact with Rigel

2140 the Warp 5 project begins

2150 Captain Archer takes the first warp 5 prototype, the Bonaventure out and sets the pattern for Earthforce deep space missions and later Starfleet.

2156 Contact with the Romulans leads to Romulan war.

2161 the Romulan War era alliance becomes the Federation. Starfleet founded with Earthforce as the backbone of the new force.

2185 By and large Earthforce has withdrawn from deep space patrol, leaving such duties to Starfleet.

2200 Earthforce is patently the smaller sibling of Starfleet, never to hold the spot light again.

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