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Profile Ricardo Alvarez

Post by jayphailey » Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:47 am

Profile Ricardo Alvarez

Created By:
- Jay P Hailey

Full name:
Ricardo Cristobal Tadeo Alvarez




Barcelona, Spain, Earth

Age: 36
Sex: M
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190
Build: Muscular
Tall, dark, handsome and defined, Ricardo looks like he was born to be
gracing posters on the walls of girls everywhere

Skin coloring: Caucasian with olive

Eyes (color, shape): Brown

Hair (color, style, length):
Black, thick wavy, usually kept regulation short


Commanding Officer

Current Assignment:
USS Archer

Serial Number

Distinguishing Marks (scars, etc.):

Appearance: (when on duty):
A trim, collected figure in a Starfleet Uniform that seems made for him

Appearance: (when on personal time, clothing style, etc):
he dresses in casual clothing made from the finest materials, or in simple
tank top and shorts excercise gear

Routine Activities:
practicing sword, and phaser combat, Studying Strategy and tactical
manuals or historical accounts, studying political and historical texts and
playing cards

Skills/Training/Professional Skills:
Alvarez is a well trained martial arts swordsman.
Alvarez is a tactical genius well versed in the art of Starship combat
Alvarez is a historian of Earth's Age of exploration from the 1400's to
Alvarez is a decent dancer.
Alvarez is a trained Starship Captain, well versed in ship handling and
ship management issues
Alvarez is a Starfleet officer, well versed in the varied duties of a
Alvarez is a deadly Poker player and has competed at the highest levels of
the game

Relative Fighting Ability -Fighting/Shooting/Tactics?
Alvarez rates 8+ in melee combat, (thinks he's a 10) 6 with a
phaser,(thinks he's an 8) and 10 as a Starship tactician. (And knows it very

In an earlier age, Alvarez would be a top-gun pilot. His self assurance is
slightly more bullet proof than a Sovereign class' forward shields.

Alvarez is mercurial and energetic. He does not hold himself aloof, he
jumps right in with both feet. His temper is firey - it comes and goes at
warp speed.

Alvarez knows he's the Alpha male in his vicinity and his quiet assumption
of this makes it a fact most of the time. Challenge him and his assumption
rapidly leaves the quiet zone.

Ambitions and Goals:
To command a Federation Flag ship

Psychological Quirks and Problems:
Alvarez doesn't question himself much and when he does he usually agrees
with himself readily.

Physical Problems:

The Tadeo Alvarez Family Descends from the second Spanish Golden Age of the
mid 21st century when Spain was an economic power house, rivaling India,
Brazil and the Phillipines for technological Prowess and wealth creation.
They still own a lot of land in Spain, much of it used for socially
beneficial purposes

Ricardo doesn't realize it but his nemesis in his home city of Barcelona,
his chief rival in matter of swordsmanship and romance is actually his half
brother, a by blow from his father.

As a passionate man, Ricardo has many friends and many lovers. But none
has truly won his heart until now...

Enemies (And Why):
generic Enemies of the Federation
At least one Ferengi crime lord and one Orion Syndicate member want Alvarez
dead, dead, dead.

Special Abilities:
Alvarez is a natural talent at tactics, perhaps a posessor of the rumored
"Alexander" gene.

his own ego

History and Experiences Which have Affected Character Greatly:
Born 2338

2344 - gifted his frst sword from his father. begins to learn the art of

In the 21st century Spain became an economic power house. Spainish Culture
began a massive resurgence. Spainsh pride was deeply injured that classical
Spanish fencing schools were obviated by Kendo and Kenjutsu, the Japanese
style of swordsmanship

An enterprising young Spaniard spent years becoming both a Classical Spanish
fencing master and then a Kenjutsu master. Then he fused the two styles
into a single martial art.

by 2041 this art, Espacombarte, flourished and was intensely popular in
Spain. The number of true practioners was never very large, but the numbers
of wannabe and dilletentes in it was large and made it popular.

By 2150 this art had all but died out. It underwent a massive resurgence
when the Klingons were encountered.

It is now considered a proud part of Spanish Culture. In Spain and in many
Spanish influenced areas of the world, swordsmanship demonstrations,
contests and a professional circuit are all seen (although small compared
to, say Soccer)

2353 - Ricardo is acknowledged an up and coming light in the world of
Spanish Kenjutsu, expected to compete for the championship. He meets a
Sword master who not only refines his technique but also introduces Alvatrez
to Poker and the world outside Spanish-Kenjutsu

2355 - Ricardo decides to go to Starfleet Academy and do something
meaningful with his life.

2359 - Ricardo graduates Starfleet Academy

2359 - 2361 Tour 1 USS Challenger Ambassador class, Operations dept.

In an engagements against gatherer pirates, Alvarez gets practical
experience with Espacombarte,
OER Excellent promoted to Lt. jg Silver Palm

2361- 2362 Tour 2 USS Challenger, Ambassador class, night shift Ops officer

Cross trains with Starfleet Marines

USS Challenger is stricken with plague, Alvarez puts in heavy duty covering
for sick crewmen until the plague is stopped.

OER Excellent Promoted to Lt. Legion of Merit

2362 - 2364 Tour 3 USS Challenger, Ambassador, Asst Ops officer

Learns Andorian Kiri.

In a fierce battle with Tzinkethi forces the Challenger is damaged, heavy

Alvarez turns the course of the battle, although suffering a severe injury
in the proccess.

OER Excellent. Karagite order of Heroism.

2364 - 2367 tour 4 Assigned as Ops officer for Starbase 312

Takes a Vacation on Risa, gets a reputation as a Card Skark.

Alvarez leads the defeat of an Iconian war-droid which was accidentally
activated, Cluster Silver Palm

Takes part in a deep space probe which discovers 4 new planets. Star of
First Contact with Kelmarta
OER Excellent Promoted to Lt Commander

2367 - 2370 Tour 5 Ops Officer, 3rd in command USS Potempkin Excelsior Class

helps recover lost Earth cold sleep colony ship.

Alvarez takes a more active interest in family business, to the displeasure
of his siblings

Alvarez is tapped to replace departing executive officer. Promoted one
rank - Commander

Trains as an sensor operator on a reconaissance ship

Tour three 2370 - 2371 XO USS Haise Steamrunner class

2370 - Zhelean and her away team are kidnapped by pirates during a routine
mapping mission. Zhelean and her crew cause havok among the Pirates but are
rescued in the end by the USS Haise and Ricardo Alvarez. Silver Palm

2371 - Alvarez falls in love with a rescued space traveller, they become
almost inseperable. In the end, when she tries to take over the USS Haise,
it is revealed she is an Android. Alvarez destroys her and gains a bias
against AI. Legion of merit.

Tour four 2371 - 2374 CO USS Zhuhai, New Orleans Class,

2371 - Alvarez and the Zhuhai tracks down and defeats an evil cult which
insists that Humans are the onlty true "Children of God", and has comitted
terrorist acts in it's "Holy War"

2371 - Zhelean goes under cover with a Starfleet military Police Unit to
ferret out corruption. When the evidence is sufficient the crew of the
Zhuhai defeat the corrupt Starfleet officer and take them into Custody. Izar
Unit Commendation

2372 - Engagement versus a Cardassian backed mercenary force which violates
Federation territory pursuing Maquis and Klingon renegades. Despite being
outgunned, the Zhuhai walks all over the mercenaries and defeats them

2373 - Alvarez comes to the attention of Captain Collins, who says good
things about her to Presidential Candidate Robert Leyton. Zhelean now has a
good reputation among the good old boys.

2373 - The USS Zhuhai engages a Romulan Warbird which crosses into Bajoran
territory and makes sporadic raids. Although the Zhuhai neutralizes the
warbird, she is seriously mangled in the engagement. Terran Heart, Golden
Palm leaf cluster, Izar Citation.

tour 2374 CO USS Archer, Nebula Class

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