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Profile - USS Nelson

Post by jayphailey » Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:00 am

- Ship Name
USS Nelson

- Brief description of ship
A smaller sister to the Glaxy Class

- Campaign role for the ship
Carry NPCs into the story

- Fleet role
Multirole cruiser

- Age:
32 years

- Built:

- Length:
526 meters

- Distinguishing Marks (Odd paint job, repair scars etc.)
The Nelson has an odd forward lounge - with large picture windows, two decks deep, and a flood light at the forard tip of the ship right under the Windows. An airlock is mounted just below that, direcly below the flood light and large bay windows.

- Equipment Quirks and Problems:
The USS Nelson has an experimental structrual integrity forcefield system installed. This is maintenance heavy but lets the ship do things other ships can't. It also risks breakdown which is why the system was never adopted by Starfleet.

Many adptations for her "Amphbious" nature are labor intensive and balky

The ship's science areas are fully functional but become much more effective when one is dealingwith oceanic sciences.

- Equipment Advantages
Having recently been updated the USS Nelson has Shield generators, weapons, sensors and computers up to the latest Starfleet Standards.

With her unique SIF System, the USS Nelson can re-enter atmosphere and conduct a water landing, even sumbmerging and moving on her anti-gravity systems, making her an Amphibious Starship.

This is only done rarely since landing a huge fusion powered building the size of a city block, which sometimes vents enormous heat and radiation "disturbs" the local environment.

- Shuttles, number, any odd ones?
1 type 6
2 type 7
1 type 9a cargo shuttle
4 type 16 shuttle pods
2 Seahawk class aqua shuttles

- Notable Previous Crew:
Admiral Richard Harriman, a noted explorer, inventor and scientist, the alterations to the Nelson are his design.

- Primary Power:
The USS Nelson currently uses an updated warp core, which equals the state of the art but can also be quickly shut down to limit the ships effect on local environments

- Secondary Power:
A robust Starfleet Impulse power system, with modifications to allow it to be comofrtably used at less that 5% rated power for extended periods.

- Primary Weapons:
The USS Nelson's Primary Weapons system is a new torpedo launcher which allows her to fire up to ten torpedoes at a time. she can fire up to two torpedoes at a time aft.

- Secondary Weapons:
The USS Nelson has Collimated type IX phaser banks which cover all arcs. an upgrade is planned soon.

The USS Nelson has a small number of amphibious missiles which can be used under water or in atmophere (or both)

- Service History
Built in 2342, Captain Richard Harriman prevaled upon the builders at New Glasgow to under take some modifications he had in mind. he sold it as a new era of Starfleet exploration, exploring not just space but Oceans across the galaxy.

This hasn't worked out too well, the demands of being a starship don't mix well with being a submarine. But the USS Nelson holds several Science awards for oceanographical sciences and gallantry awards for defending Federation and allied worlds.

Harriman is now considered an Icon of Starfleet's Scientist/Citizen/Soldier image.

In 2362, Harriman was "forced" upstairs to sector command. He advocated the promotion of his protoge David Crane to command and his wish was granted.

Admiral Harriman often uses the USS Nelson as his flag ship.

The USS Nelson has had a string of adventures often with somewhat aquatic themes.

- Crew: 650, 2700
- command staff
- CO Captain David Crane
A tall, Dark Haired man with a commanding voice, he is well liked by his crew and people with salt water in their veins

- XO
Lt Commander Robert "Chip" Morton, has worked his way up the chain of command on the USS Nelson, after two previous executive officers were given commands of their own
Morton has been with the USS Nelson for 15 years and knows her intimately.

Lieutenant Del Kowalski A short, gruff man, who takes pride in doing the job right, Kowalski is a Maverick, an elisted man who worked his way up through the ranks the hard way.

Terry Sharkey

Henry "Curly" Jones, another officer who started out as a junior officer on the USS Nelson and has worked his way up

Doctor Richard Bull
- CSc
Trinka of Andor

- Other
Paul Patterson
Alan Riley
Archie "Sparks" Whiting

On a scale of 1 - 100 where 100 is the best possible given the technology of the day, Relative date - 2374
Science capacity - 85/110 (Galaxy Class = 100)
Crew Comfort - 65 (Galaxy Class = 100)
Duration - 50 (Galaxy Class = 100)
Medical facilities - 67 (Galaxy Class = 100)
Tactical maneuvering - 35 (Defiant Class = 100)
Strategic Speed - 90 (Sovreign Class = 100)
Defense - 67 (Sovreign Class = 100)
Offense - 67 (Sovreign Class = 100)
Versatility - 50 (Galaxy Class = 100)
Internal Security - 67 (Sovreign Class = 100)

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Moderator, RPG
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Post by jayphailey » Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:16 am

Rats. This is an old write up

I re-wrote it so that she was a fairly standard Nebula class with an experimental orbit-to-ocean submarine in place of the over head sensor pod.

Jay ~Meow!~

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