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USS Lathass

Post by jayphailey » Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:04 am

- Ship Name
USS Lathass, a New Orleans class frigate

- Brief description of ship
Based on the 1/2 scale galaxy components, the New Orleans class frigates
are on of the more successful types of ships from the 2350s.

- Campaign role for the ship
A container for NPCs

- Fleet role
Patrol, crises and threat response inside federation territory.

- Age:
12 years old

- Built:

- Length:
520 meters long, 20 decks

- Distinguishing Marks (Odd paint job, repair scars etc.)
None, the USS Lathass is a generic Starfleet New Oerleans class Starship

- Equipment Quirks and Problems:
The USS Lathass was fitted with experimental disruptors at Eminiar. When
they work, they work very well, but they are break down prone and balky.

- Equipment Advantages
Having been recently refit, the USS Lathass' shields, weapons and systems
are up to the latest starfleet standards.

- Shuttles, number, any odd ones?
8 type seven shuttle craft. The captain has a civilian Eminiar shuttlecraft
which he uses as a captain yacht

The Lathass is equipped to carry 4 Starfleet Marine combat shuttles, as
full crews for them. They carry instead units of the Eminiar Security
force, who struggle to live up to the standards of the Starfleet marines

- Primary Power:
The USS Lathass uses a standard Starfleet Matter/Anti-Matter reactor for
her class. The software is updated and it has recently been rebuilt.

- Secondary Power:
She has standard Starfleet Impulse power systems

- Primary Weapons:
The USS Lathass' primary strike weapons are three large torpedo tubes which
can fling up to 30 photon torpedoes at a time (Although the ship would have
to strain to power them all).

- Secondary Weapons:
The USS Lathass has type X Collimayted Phaser arrays which cover all

- Service History
Built in 2360, the USS Lathass was the pride of Eminiar for a while until
the launch of the Nebula class USS Agram Four

The USS Lathass has served in the area of Eminiar and Vendikar ever since,
only recently being sent further afield at the request of Admiral Harriman
the Sector commander.

Se is named for a City on Eminiar

- Crew: 600/2,000

- command staff
- CO Captain Atur Seven
A tall, lanky man, he feels himself to be an administrator, a manager
bereft of any of the romance of stellar exploration and adventure. Atur
Seven, a Man from Eminiar was proud to command the USS Lathass but now feels
like he was trapped into a dead end position.

- XO Commander Sara Akoplas
A perky, cute blond woman from Alpha Centauri, Sara is working hard to
secure herself a record worthy of starship command. She is worried about
her captain's attitude, but empathizes. Mostly the USS Lathass responds to
distress calls or shows the flag and fruitlessly hunts for pirates and

- CSc
- Other

- Eminiaran Security Lt. Colonel Karz Nine
A competent police man and soldier, Karz Nine works hard to train his
troops properly. he resents the intrusions of Captain Seven who insists on
taking part in excercises (poorly) and tries to dictate proper training,
based mainly on his dreams of being an action adventure hero. Karz Nine and
his troops are on exchange duty with the USS Lathass.

On a scale of 1 - 100 where 100 is the best possible given the technology of
the day, Relative date - 2374
Science capacity - 40 (Galaxy Class = 100)
Crew Comfort - 50 (Galaxy Class = 100)
Duration - 40 (Galaxy Class = 100)
Medical facilities - 50 (Galaxy Class = 100)
Tactical maneuvering - 66 (Defiant Class = 100)
Strategic Speed - 90 (Soveriegn Class = 100)
Defense - 75 (Soveriegn Class = 100)
Offense - 75 (Soveriegn Class = 100)
Versatility - 30 (Galaxy Class = 100)
Internal Security - 60 (Soveriegn Class = 100)

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