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Profile - USS Haguro

Post by jayphailey » Sun Mar 23, 2008 1:50 pm

Profile USS Haguro

- Ship Name
USS Haguro NCC 777141

- Brief description of ship
A 275 meter long manta ray

- Campaign role for the ship
The cavalry coming over the hill.

- Fleet role
Patrol Frigate

- Age:
4 years

- Built:
At the El Nanth Shipyards, in 2367

- Length:
275 meters

- Distinguishing Marks (Odd paint job, repair scars etc.)
None on the hull. The hull form and the engine nacelles are

- Equipment Quirks and Problems:
The Ane "Efficient Warp Drive" is balky, delicate and demands finicky
maintenance. The Haguro is small and so her capacity to do mission other
than combat is more limited

The Ane "Efficient Warp Drive" has distinctive nacelles with large,
delicate cooling fins

- Equipment Advantages
The Ane "Efficient Warp Drive" sips on the anti-matter compared to
standard Starfleet models, and so has greater range and endurance.

The shields and weapons of the Haguro are the most advanced technology
available, equipment which is being refit to the rest of the fleet as

The pulse-phaser turrets of the Haguro, while weaker than those of the
Defiant are still very effective

- Shuttles, number, any odd ones?
The Haguro carries 4 type 8 shuttlecraft

- Primary Power:
The Haguro uses a specially designed warp core which is leveraged for
efficiency. It sips on the anti-matter to produce just the right amount of
energy down to the microscopic measure. This warp core can be pushed into
feats of power generation like a normal Starfleet warp core, but like towing
a trailer with a sports car, you'll need to do some work on it afterwards.

- Secondary Power:
The Haguro's secondary power is provided by an oversized array of
large, robust impulse power reactors. These are standard Starfleet units,
and can take a fierce beating while still operating.

- Primary Weapons:
The Haguro's primary strike weapon is the quantum torpedo. She can
fire three in any direction. These are the equivalent of "Armor Piercing"
photon torpedoes, designed to pierce the shielding of Borg cubes. They tend
to pierce other shielding very nicely as well. Cultures that don't own the
leading edge of shielding technology (Everyone but the Federation and the
Romulans) tend to find that quantum torpedoes mostly ignore their shielding.

The Haguro's close in strike weapon are pulse phaser turrets. These
are designed to produce discrete pulses of phaser fire, each with a slightly
different frequency and energy signature, to make them harder to adapt to.
These weapons are designed to counteract the advantages of Borg shielding.
They do quite nicely against anyone else's shields, too.

- Secondary Weapons:
The Haguro is equipped with phaser strips on her dorsal and ventral
surface, placed to allow the more three dimensional coverage and utility
uses that the phaser strips have been proven to allow.

- Service History:
Built in the wake of the Disaster at Wolf 359 the Haguro is a direct
competitor to the Defiant class in the new Perimeter Defense Initiative.
Although innovative in some ways, the Haguro has a more conventional
Federation style multi-role design, rendering her more expensive to build
and operate. The Myoko Class has not been adopted widely like the Defiant
Class has.

- Crew:
125 people

- Command staff
- CO Toshio Sotomura
- XO Breeanlan
- OPS Ziriban
- SEC Girizath
- CENG Breeanlan
- CSc
- Other

The Myoko class was designed by Toshio Sotomura and Breeanlan at the
El-Nanth Shipyards, in response to call of the Perimeter Defense Initiative.

Sotomura, while a dyed in the wool ship bunny and talented engineer
always wanted to be a starship commander. After the construction of the
Myoko and during the construction of the Haguro, he took his qualifications
as a starship commander.

Breeanlan was a systems engineer for the Ane "Efficient Warp Drives",
and worked closely with Sotomura on integrating the system into the new
ship. They fell in love during this project and married when the Myoko was

The Myoko herself is held at El Nanth ship yards for systems and hull
testing. She is run under carefully monitored conditions to establish the
engineering baselines. The Haguro was the first of her six siblings
released to the wild.

Since the Ane "Efficient Warp Drives" are more expensive to build and
operate than normal drives. (For instance, the Defiant's warp core is
engineered almost the polar opposite, built for rugged use, easy building
and maintenance, it is a hog for antimatter), and the over all design of the
ship was more expensive than the Defiant (The Defiant is much more the
stripped down, no extras warship), the Myoko class never caught on.
However, crews who serve on them much prefer the Myoko class.

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