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Profile - Disjuboti

Post by jayphailey » Sun Mar 23, 2008 2:21 pm

Profile - Disjuboti

The Disjobuti are a humanoid race, living on a world called Aobut. They are roughly Mammalian. They have orange skin. They are omnivores but trend largely towards the vegetable side of the diet.

There is one thing that one must understand about the Disjobuti culture - It is a prime driver for the Disjobuti history and their culture.

And that is the "Temple of the Meeting of the Eight Gentlemen"

This is an organized religion founded on the precepts of eight heroes, leaders, philosophers, philanthropists and historic figures.

In their initial meeting they discussed and established a mutual frame work of philosophical and Spiritual principles for later discussion and development

This became the foundation of a religion.

Each of the eight later contributed clarifications and expansions on his original position.

Some of the Eight Gentlemen voiced disapproval of the new religion. All reportedly felt somewhat put upon by it. Two tried to use it as a tool to engineer a better society.

Over the next 2500 years, the "Temple of the Meeting of the Eight Gentlemen" Grew, changed, evolved and formed a cultural backbone.

The Disjobuti had other religions and cultures, but they were either assimilated by this new order, or were forced to evolve their own methods for coping with it.

The Temple split into multiple different factions and denominations, each with a different interpretation of the holy writing of the Eight Gentlemen and what this meant for modern people.

Intercene wars were as common as wars against other cultures and religions.

In between wars and conflicts the Cultures related to the temple (and several not related to the Temple) traded and developed new technologies.

By 2268, the Disjobuti had survived 100 years of shaky peace and low intensity warfare. Many of the large factions had advanced technology and nuclear weapons.

The Disjobuti knew that the next all out war over the interpretation of the writings of the Eight Gentlemen could well result in the end of their species.

Then a Klingon scout appeared.

The scout announced to the whole planet that they were under the domination of the Klingon Empire and fired an Alpha strike into a Mountain in the Capital City.

The shock wave was visible over a quarter of the continent and in the Capital city hundreds were killed by the side effects.

The Klingon scout was bluffing the Klingons had no ability to conquer and hold Aobut, but the Disjobuti had no way of knowing this.

This put all intercene squabbles among the Disjobuti on the back burner, while they worked intently to develop and build a defense strategy.

The Orions appeared in 2273 and taught the Disjobuti of the weakness in their defensive positions the hard way.

Under pressure - the Disjobuti culture started to coalesce - differences were put aside, compromises were reached.

In 2286 the Disjobuti were contacted by the United Federation of Planets. They reacted coolly at first. The Federation was aggressively friendly - they knew that the Disjobuti were on the list of Klingon conquests (Although down a bit) as an armed, friendly planet, the Disjobuti would nicely cover the Federation flank.

By 2290 a limited treaty was in place and the Federation granted technical aid to the Disjobuti, helping beef up their defenses.

The Federation also became a trading partner. However the Federation also became a visible symbol of something else. The philosophies and principles of the Eight Gentlemen were considered a quaint, backwater religion.

The Disjobuti expected to be greeted as the caretakers of divine wisdom and were disappointed. Even the fact that many of the core precepts arrived at by the Eight Gentlemen were duplicated by others on other Federation worlds - the unique confluence of people and ideas impressed the exterior Galaxy not at all.

The Praxis disaster, and subsequent Khitomer accords reduced the Federation's interest in maintaining a friendship with the Disjobuti. The Disjobuti were just as happy to let the Federation presence on their world fade, although they did stay somewhat tied into the Federation data nets.

Subsequent Orion Raids were met harshly, and defeated at some cost.

Left alone the Disjobuti had issues adapting to a new level of technology which they developed from Federation Aid technology.

In the 2340's a new form of the Religion of the Temple of the Eight Gentlemen emerged. An evangelistic one, one centered on the notion that the wisdom of the Eight Gentlemen was universal, and that, on some level, all the chaos and unhappiness in the Galaxy resulted from the Galaxy's lack of specific knowledge of the writings of the Eight Gentlemen

by the 2350's this movement became a political power among the Disjobuti. It was fired in dozens of political contests and conflicts. It refined itself into an almost fanatical movement.

In the 2360s the Disjobuti examined their neighbors and built a fleet. They recruited an army that was intended to bring the words of the Eight Gentlemen to the unenlightened masses on other worlds.

In 2364 Disjobuti launched invasions against six of her neighbors.

This took Starfleet Command by surprise. They'd been ignoring the sector as far from the active trouble spots of the galaxy.

A Federation response was mounted, a diplomatic presence tried to negotiate an end to violence.

Military observers winced when they saw the magnitude of the tasks the Disjobuti asked of their military.

The presumption was that, after a brief and natural resistance by existing power structures, that the words of the eight gentlemen would spread among new populations, converting them to the Temple and resulting in no resistance, and even a new pool of manpower to continue a boot strap conversion of the galaxy.

Filled with hubris and naive expectations, the Disjobuti ignored Federation entreaties.

Lacking the forces and the political will to launch a counter invasion, the Federation imposed trade sanctions and through third parties supported the resistance movement on the six worlds.

Each of the Six worlds proceeded to resist in a disorganized, chaotic, but energetic fashion. This made the task of the Disjobuti holy warriors more difficult and demanding.

Each of the six armies was swamped and reduced to violent raids and patrols of thinly held population centers.

Back home on Aobut, the population became restless, the taxes to support the simultaneous invasion and pacification of six worlds was crushing.

The War was amazingly popular among adherents of the Proselytizing sect of the Temple of the Eight, but had luke warm support at best among the rest of the population.

An anti-war movement, citing more humane interpretations of the writings of the Eight, Temporal philosophies and even pockets of Non-Temple religion and culture began to gain strength.

The Hardcore members of the Temple in Power could not admit the inaccuracy of their vision for Galactic expansion of the Temple of the Eight with out undermining their whole rationale for being in power. So they didn't. They kept shoveling money and bodies into the hole and seemed to enter a state of denial.

When the Disjobuti currency began to hyper inflate in 2369, the end of the Disjobuti experiment was in hand. Troops abandoned equipment where it fell and retreated pell mell

The Disjobuti economy collapsed utterly leading to wide spread poverty and unrest.

Troops coming home were bitter about the transparently false nature of their mission, the way their lives were used to cover up for the mistakes of the political class, and the complete inability of Disjobuti Society to support them as promised at the outset of the war.

Average Disjobuti have taken up a cynical opinion of their religion, offering lip service or outright making fun of it.

Most of the Architects of the Disjobuti invasion were tried for incompetence in office. But their successors vie with the former anti-war movement for political power among a cynical apathetic and poverty stricken populace.

The Federation is attempting to find a mechanism through which to offer aid to the Disjobuti - hoping that their recovery might be accomplished without the rise of totalitarian, fascist regime.

Meanwhile, Disjobuti's neighbors are also recovering from the invasion with various flavors of bad attitudes of their own.

Group Name: Disjobuti (Human members of the Disjobuti Culture of Aobut)

Created By: Jay P Hailey

Number of Members: 6 billion individuals

Nature of Members: Humanoids native to Disjobuti and a pathetically small number of converts to the Temple of the Eight, and visitors

Organization: A Representative Democracy with Theocratic overtones.

Game Role: A group of people who earnestly believe that their religion is right, no matter what.

World Role: Minor trouble makers.

Relative Influence: Minor, having had their economy collapse, almost nothing is going their way right now.

Public or Secret?: Public

Publicly Stated Goal: The Spread the Word of... never mind.

Relative Wealth: Compared to an individual immense - as planets go, in the hole, sad.

Group advantages: As a planet of sentient people on the edge of the Federation - it is in the Federation's interest to help the Disjobuti

Contacts: The Federation. The Klingons (Little); The Orions, the Ferengi, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

Group disadvantages: Having started a war of religious conquest, they aren't too popular right now. Having lost this war, they are not in great shape militarily.

Special Disadvantages: Disliked by immediate neighbors.

Area of Operation: The Federation Frontier, off to the side of the Klingon Border

Headquarters Location: The City of the Three Rivers, the ancient Capital in which the Eight Gentlemen met

Public Face: Earnest believers in yet another one true religion.

Military: having suffered an economic collapse, the Disjobuti military has imploded from the height of it's power. However, what's left is sufficient to detour pirates, raiders and casual conquerors.

The Federation has also let it be known that it has no interest in seeing Disjobuti become a Klingon or Orion colony.

Special: With privation and dislocation rampant, Disjobuti is a popular destination for charity and disaster relief organizations.

The Disjobuti population is especially amused to receive Aid from Earth's Red Cross, Red Crescent and the Vulcan Surak Memorial Fund. The government isn't.

Ferengi Gold Pressed Latinum is popular on Disjobuti, you can purchase several women and children for a single bar of it. National treasures can be had on the cheap and old Disjobuti military equipment (the stuff not abandoned on other worlds) is selling for peanuts - or other food sources.

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