Campaign Profile - Materiel Support Command

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Campaign Profile - Materiel Support Command

Post by jayphailey » Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:52 pm

Campaign Profile - Materiel Support Command


Materiel Support Command -

The Good Guys need help. Due to a manpower shortage, they're hiring civilian subcontractors.

They have training schools, they'll train people how to work their ships.

Their ships are fast cargo/scout ships.

The missions - deliver supplies, necessary spare parts and people to vital locations. Scout out situations away from the scenes of main action. Occasionally conduct or support search and rescue missions.

The ships may transport law enforcement or internal investigations personnel. (GMs note - the good guys are not comfortable with civilian subcontractors getting involved with these missions, but characters with their hearts in the right place should jump right on in.)

Although being a good guy isn't a job requirement - the contractor IS the good guy and so expects civilian employees to forego their evil activities for the duration of the contract. and will prosecute criminals if they commit crimes on the clock - or off the clock for that matter.

This is a good campaign for recycling characters from previous games, suitably altered for the background. People may come from recently successful adventuring careers, or less often from unsuccesful adventuring careers.

People may be on the run from problems at home. They may be trying to get away from personally painful situations. They may not fit well in society.

Unless there's prior cases of murder involved, the Good Guys are over looking past entanglements. They view this assignment as a way for troubled folks and misfits to possibly rrehabilitate themselves (Although that's way down the list from "Accomplish the mission with a little killing, stealing and fraud as possible.")

Star Trek -

People hired are subcontractors for Starfleets Materiel Support Command. Starfleet is uptight and dilligent about keeping the noses of it's crews clean.

Star Wars Imperial Era

People are hired as crew for a civilian transport and scouting service. It may become obvious that they are working for either the rebellion or the Empire - but they may just take the initiative annd work for themselves.

The company may include a handful of old fighters to act as esscorts - something for hot pilots to work on.

Generic Swashbuckling Sci-Fi

As written. Borrow any elements appropriate to this.

Hard sci-fi

Who is the patron becomes a critical question as each mission demands a sizable investment in time and energy.

Modern Day -

A civilian subcontractor with a C-130 may be hired to feerry caargo or people to dangerous areas. But who is the patron? What are the missions really designed to accomplish? Are they working for the same patron each time, or are they handed around among the intelligence community as a useful shared tool?

And are their patrons the good guys or the bad guys? Or both?

The modern day setting is best for ambiguous motives and a long term plot that is revealed over time.


Yup. You could run this game on a small fast sailing ship (see the Baltimore Clipper) but actual sailing is a much more involved and skilledd trade - the PCs would have to work very hard to be considered apprentice ships crews - until something "Adventurous" Happened.....

And again, who is the Patron? What are his goals? Are they good or nefarious?

To be true to the intent at the beginning of the write up one might suppose the patrons are an order of Paladins =struggling to contain an outbreak of evil, and hiring civilian transportation/support as a way to free up True Believers for the battle against evil.

But if that's no fun, you could randomize it, or borrow from Dumas.

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