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Seventh Fleet

Post by Endeavour » Sun May 02, 2010 10:21 am

Hi All, I just wanted to make a small post and put out some feelers. I have been working on a new star trek RPG Fleet over the past few weeks, the majority of the early work has been completed, but like all things, you cannot go it alone.

And I wanted to see if there would be any interest in the star trek community members to either join and work alongside me to create a large gaming RPG Fleet, or even join with a simulation. I can offer a small amount of webhosting; including forum and SMS/NOVA, should the need arise. I hop this can increase once or if the fleet structure expands.

Funding is not a problem and is currently supported by my self; though should people wish to donate later down the line, the help would be greatly appreciated. 

Here is the main URL.

The website is partially setup.

And the forum community is currently being devised and setup

If any one would be interested please let me know or contact me; I am on MSN and AOL.

James Arnhem

Comments and suggestions always welcome.

Thank you


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