The USS Halo is open for gaming

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The USS Halo is open for gaming

Post by johnback84 » Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:17 am


Join the crew today.

We have many senior positions open ready for the taking

The USS Halo is a Star Trek Based Role Playing game a play by e mail game using the Nova rpg'ing system.

It is set at 2387 with the Alpha Quadrent recovering from the Dominion War. A new threat is not what Starfleet needs to hear about.

Strange reports coming from around Breen space seem to indicate that the breen are in an open state of conflict with them selfs with to factions trying to attain total control, Is that all it is or is there something more to this.

In other area's of space around Breen space the planets Mariposa & Bringloid are seeking Federation assistance again.

Since the Federations last visit a small team of genetic engineers and medical staff were sent to help the two populations intergrate to help restore the people of Mariposa from a cloing culture to a normal reproductive society.

The last report from the Federation team was that breen ships had been fighting close to the planet and that escape pods had landed on the planets serface.

When the Team went to offer medical aid they saw members of the Breen crews fighting each other, at the end of the battle the medical team went to help those who lived only to find that only one Breen still lived who gave one cryptic message "Run they are coming they are in us they are.... " his last words were lost as the Breen officer pased away.

The report also contanied some medical information and other reports since that last report the Federation has been unable to contact eather planet or its team stationed there.

The USS Halo has been dispated to asses the situation.

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