Medical Mysteries in Space! USS Casey Seeks Crew!

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Medical Mysteries in Space! USS Casey Seeks Crew!

Post by O'Connell » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:27 pm

Born in the fires of the Dominion War, the Olympic Class vessel was designed to
provide medical aide to thousands of wounded soldiers. Providing support and
medical aide to millions in the days after the war, the Olympic Class has spent
the majority of her active duty life in orbit of Cardassia Prime, rebuilding
what once was and restoring the faith of a broken people.

But what is the role of a medical ship in peace-time? When old enemies have
become new allies and the universe grows wearier of war?

The USS Casey is about to discover her new role. With a new Commanding Officer,
Commander Colton Hart, the USS Casey will renew her mission...Provide relief to
colonies along the farthest borders of the Federation in times of need. But a
more sinister plot underlies the contagion, and soon, a pattern will emerge,
pointing to an ancient enemy with deadly intentions. Would you join the crew of
a ship if you knew the end result would be plague, death, destruction?

Now is the time to join the USS Casey. Offer up care, compassion and relief to
thousands. But be careful, you may not find any when your time comes...

The USS Casey is now seeking officers in all Department Head positions,
including but not limited to:
Second Officer/Second Position
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Counselor

Civilian positions are available as well.

Join now as we start our journey and discover our end...

Commander Colton Hart
Commanding Officer
USS Casey

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