Star Trek - Neogenesis

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Know the meta-plot in advance
Wait for the session summaries and discover the story
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Star Trek - Neogenesis

Post by AslanC » Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:53 pm

So recently my players asked me to start a new campaign and they actually wanted to play Star Trek. I haven't run Star Trek since 2004, so I gave it some thought.

Hadn't I had told all the stories I wanted to tell?

Hadn't I exhausted the well?

Was there a story I hadn't told that I really really wanted to?

Well there was this one story...

I sat down and got to work and suddenly I had what I needed... I was ready to take a tale that I false started twice and never got to run.

Thus Star Trek - Neogenesis was born.

Before I go into what's going on, would you rather;

A] Know the meta plot now?

B] Wait for me to post session summaries and learn the story as it goes?

Vote now and I will post campaign basics that reveal nothing secret later.


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