Two Intrepid Adventures

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Two Intrepid Adventures

Post by Rhodes » Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:55 am


“Raise shields!” the Captain ordered.
A tactical NCO turned around, nervous about delivering the news: “Um, we don't have functional shields right now, sir.”
The captain turned to another, frustrated. “Then fire all phasers!”
This one grimaced. “We only have the two right now… the rest are gone. Something about not having replacement parts…”

Have characters not in so much trouble that they’ll get kicked out, but the brass still wants to get rid of ’em? Would you like to?

Deep Space K-17 might be the right assignment for that special someone. Career purgatory. These aren’t bad people—they’re not even bad at their jobs. The powers that be just wanted them out of sight. So here we are: stuck on the Tzenkethi border with nothing to do, holed up in an ancient station held together by twine, gum, and the prayers of the people calling it home.

Current Openings:
- Chief Medical Officer (We REALLY need our own Chief!)
- Chief Counselor (Everybody is getting a tad stir-crazy.)
- Chief Diplomatic Officer (Look, we might be meeting Tzenkethi, and the CO and XO are not great diplomats.)
- And many more...


With a tested leader in her center seat and the threat of all out war between two battling Empires, life on Carpathia is anything but peaceful.

Take for instance, a routine mission to transport the Klingon Ambassador back to Qo’noS. What could go wrong? The better question is, what couldn't?

Join USS Carpathia and jump into the action

We are currently recruiting writers for many senior positions including;

Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Steward

Many Junior positions also available. If you don't see the role you had in mind on our manifest, drop us a line and we might be able to accommodate

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