Adventure on Alodis

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Adventure on Alodis

Post by jayphailey » Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:46 pm

Adventure on Alodis

On 1/8/2018 06:51, MARK HUTTON trynda1701 [STRPG-Discuss] wrote:
> As the title says, has anyone done this?
> Years ago, one of our players ran a FASA ST game using an AD&D scenario involving a monster hunt. It was transposed to taking place on Cait during Caitain crewmembers visiting family and a rogue Kzinti!
> So, has anyone else done this? Taking from a SF game is easy, fantasy systems more interesting.
> Mark

Additional Remember rule zero! All of this is suggestive only, grab what you like and change things to suit yourself!

I usually do this for Star Wars, which is easier, but you can make it work for Star Trek.

(Cut and pasted below)


Alodis is a Federation Ally. They aren't full Federation Members, because of something weird with their government, but the relationship is friendly.

Alodis has a weird "Crypto-Monarchy" - the people of Alodis have a Monarch, "The Prince" but no one has ever seen him. No one on Alodis even knows his name. This is the subject of numerous rumors and conspiracy theories. Although most of the natives of Alodis are humans there is a sizable Orion population as well as a smattering of other folks.

Alodis has a parliament and a prime minister. It is rumored that High Officials meet with the Monarch in secret. Ministers and officials greet these rumors according to personalities. Some make a joke out of it. "If I told you, it wouldn't be secret, would it?" Other just react with disdain "When you have something serious to discuss get back to me"

Alodis is technically not Federation so sometimes people who are not friendly with the Federation pass through the place.

The PCs are sent to go show the flag, be nice, show the friendly side of the Federation.

At Alodis, they receive a message from a Federation Diplomat Hagen Thomas. He'd like to meet with them

Thomas comes aboard requisitions a conference room and the command crew of the ship, and then makes sure it's cleared of listening devices using very advanced technology.

Then Thomas reveals that, besides being the Assistant to the Federation Ambassador, he's also an Agent of Federation Intelligence. The Federation's diplomatic and intelligence mission is to keep Alodis friendly and see if they can facilitate Alodis becoming closer to the Federation.

Alodis has a problem. Organized crime has a serious foothold on Alodis. Alodis Law enforcement is maxed out fighting this problem, so the Federation has been helping around the edges under the table.

Alodis is not eligible for Federation membership because of the Monarchy. There's no check and balance on it. There's no recall mechanism, there's no way for the government of Alodis to unseat their monarch and get a new one. But the people of Alodis don't want to change it, so they're stuck. The Federation doesn't want to be dicks about it, so they're working within the limitations the Alodisians set.

Hagen Thomas reveals he has wind of a plot against Alodis. He is not sure if his own people on Alodis have been made as Federation intelligence, and doesn't want to risk it.

The PCs are unknown to the local population and so can move around and act undercover without giving away the main Federation mission, and hopefully find out what's going on.

Spradlin City

The Capital of Alodis and it's largest city. The history of Alodis is sort of murky. It seems to have just occured out of nowhere about 700 years ago. The Population is about 750 million people, and growing all the time. About 100 years ago they adopted Federation technology and this has really changed things.

Spradlin City looks like 18th century Europe meets the 24th century. Cobblestones and that sort of wood beam architecture People dress like off duty extras at disney land.

Behind the scenes it's a modern city. The core of Spradlin City is about pedestrians. You'll see a few automated carts that carry around heavy leads for people, but top out at about 5 mph. They range from utilitarian to painted to match the decor.

Outside the city core, its Disney flavored air cars and trucks, and more modern devices.

Thomas suggests the PCs dress as civilian space adventurers and moves around using this as a cover story. This way, they don't have to pretend to be experts in local customs, languages and so on. This is common enough so folks in this mode won't get much of a second look.

There is a space port on the ground for smaller traders and such ships.

There is also an Alodis High Port. Imagine the Disneyland Castle as a space station.

The PCs beam down into the Federation Consulate, out of sight from the outside. They are shown to a storage closet, which has a secret door into an underground Tunnel system. The tunnels are well lit, functional and boring. The are shown how to get to a door leading into a general store a couple of blocks away. An Ante room has monitors so travelers can see who is in the general store, the secret door is into another storage area. The owner of the General Store is friendly to the Federation mission and so lets Federation people use his premises for covert comings and goings. This is the Rosato Market.

The tunnel system under Spradlin city is one of three different ones. They are scan shielded so from outside it's difficult to tell where they go or who's in them

Tunnel system A is well known to Alodis Law Enforcement, and used by them. It is also know among Smugglers. Alodis Law Enforcement has kept it quiet that they know of Tunnel system A. besides being a network of hidden tunnels, it is also where a lot of Spradlin City's infrastructure is buried, so water, power, data and sewer lines run through this system and are tended by city workers during business hours.

Tunnel System B is the one the Federation Uses. No one knows who knows of it, or who uses it. Federation people are encouraged to use it sparingly. If someone is encountered, pretend like you belong there and proceed out of sight.

There are rumors of other tunnel systems.

There are interconnections between tunnel system A and tunnel system B. No one is sure they have all of them marked.

Getting Caught

If the PCs are caught breaking the law on Alodis or in Spradlin City, the local cops will arrest them. They are advised to reveal their Starfleet Affiliation. Alodis will expel them back to their ship and lodge a complain which will result in a black mark on the their records and some damage to the Alodis/Federation relationship.

No one said this sort of work was going to be easy or risk free, so the general advice is to be carefull, and if one feels one must break the law, be sure not to get caught.

Ludovic Belle and Vincent Roberts

Ludovic Belle and Vincent Roberts are the people suspected of plotting something, and the people who need to be tailed/observed to see what they're up to.

Ludovic and Vincent share being vain. They dress expensively and pal around going to he hot night clubs and fashionable restaurants. They hit on women (poorly) and generally think they are cocks of the walk.

Ludovic is the son of Marcel Belle, a Shipping magnate. Some quick investigation of public records shows that Marcel is NOT having a good time. Several of his best ships have recently been taken by pirates. His losses have been heavy. The Belle shipping lines HQ is in Spradlin City, not too far away. If the PCs observe Marcek Belle, he is showing signs of bad stress. He has the police over. Something bad is happening there. If the PCs ask around, they can find out that not only is Marcel's business on the verge of utter collapse, but his oldest daughter Jossette has been kidnapped. Marcel is having a very bad week.

Vincent Roberts is the brother of Dennis Roberts. The Roberts Family runs an import/export business. They are squeaky clean and above board. The Andolini Import/Export business is also headquartered in Spradlin City. The HQ seems like its manned by a few more people than it needs, and some of the employees look like tough guys.

Running faces seen at Andolini Import/Export will show that many of the people there are suspected by Alodis Law Enforcement of being part of organized crime, but nothing has ever stuck. Technically they are all squeaky clean.

The Roberts and most of their employees are immigrants from a planet called Calas Prime. Calas Prime is a Cyberpunk hellhole, part of the Orion Main. The Population of Calas Prime is mostly Human, Orions and Klinzai. People from Calas Prime are NOT fans of the Federation.

If PCs approach and speak to Ludovic and Vincent they will quickly discover that both men are as dumb as a box of hammers and think of themselves as tough guys.

After spending some time spending money they seemingly don't have, acting like big shots and tough guys, Ludovic and Vincent head down to the spaceport.

There, they go to a couple of seedy spaceport dives and badly put out word that they're looking for B&E experts for a big score. They need technicians and muscle. They're offering GPL up front.

Although it's clear that these guys are not the pros or tough guys they think they are, they can attract some down on their luck mooks with upfront offers of cash.

Join or follow

At this point the PCs might elect to keep following, or they may try to take Vincent and Ludovic up on their offer. Ludovic and Vincent will gladly accept the PCs as part of their crew.

The mooks who also join will get a roll to make the PCs as Starfleet Officers. Their haircuts, bearing and general good health make them obvious to experienced observers. If the PCs think of covering these with wigs, make up and acting rolls, the rest of the scumbags will have a tougher time making the roll to spot the PCs as ringers.

Ludovic and Vincent will not make the PCs as ringers.

One solution for the mooks making the PCs is that the mooks will quietly take the PCs aside and offer to roll over on Vincent and Ludovic in exchange for not being charged with whatever dumbass things these guys have up their sleeves.

If the PCs follow the party, the scumbags will get better rolls to spot the PCs. How the scumbags react to Ludovic and Vincent being tailed is up to the GM, but Ludovic and Vincent will not be smart about it.

The plan

Ludovic and Vincent have a plan. In an old part of town, they have discovered, in an old warehouse, an entrance to Tunnel System C, a previously unknown tunnel system. It leads into the Heart of Spradlin City, into the government sectors.

They plan to enter the tunnel system travel to the heart of the city and use the tunnel system to conduct a massive robbery.

They have not done any preliminary scouting or mapping of tunnel system C, because they didn't want to give it away to competitors or the cops. They have a Andolini subsidiary warehouse nearby filled with generic spelunking and B&E gear. They offer an amount of GPL to their mooks to show up and more at the end of the op, plus a cut of the profits from fencing stolen stuff.

The Mooks are down and out enough to take them up on it. What the hey, it's free GPL for playing tunnel explorer for a night.

They enter the tunnel system.

Now tunnel security is a sort of a contradiction. One builds a tunnel to get from place A to Place B under ground. But security is meant to prevent unauthorized people from using the tunnels. So you have a tunnel meant for transportation and devices inside the tunnel meant to block transportation.

The light fixtures, doors and mechanisms of tunnel system C are definitely old fashioned to the PCs. Real retro feel for them. It would look pretty modern to us.

It doesn't matter if the PCs follow Vincent or Ludovic into the tunnels or if they are part of the party.

The punchline is that once the PCs are in tunnel system C, the first trap is one that closes off the route they entered the tunnel system by. The tunnel system is scan baffled and shielded. People outside cannot detect the party with sensors, and communications devices cannot reach the outside.

From here to the center of town the process is one of defeating traps and security droids. The traps are designed to disable or trap intruders. But between the PCs and the mooks hired by Ludovic and Vincent they should have the skills and tools to defeat the traps and security droids. The technology involved in all these is older technology. Some of it can be touchy and difficult but none of it is impossible to defeat.

It's possible that some of the party will be injured. But Vincent and Ludovic insist on pressing ahead. They HAVE to make this score. Ludovics family is broke. If he doesn't come back with a big pile of money, all is lost. Vincent needs Ludovic to pay off debts. He lent a lot of money to the belle family without permission from his older brothers. If the Belles can't repay this, The Roberts will have to repossess the Belles' business and assets, which will make a public scene and Vincent will be blamed for screwing things up.

Both Ludovic and Vincent are convinced that enough loot lies at the center of tunnel system C to solve their problems. This belief has a desperate tinge of self delusion to it, because if this doesn't work out, they're out of options.

As they get further into Tunnel system C, it's not as dusty and disused feeling.

It has connections to tunnel system B and tunnel system A, But both are flooded with Alodis troopers. The first trap that closed off escape has sounded a general alert.

As they get towards the center of the system, they find storage areas with furniture and fittings that display the royal crest. This tunnel system might hook up with the Palace. Ludovic and Vincent are enthusiastic about a big score, heedless of the trouble this could cause.

Servant droids are seen. They do not engage the party but attempt to flee. Security Droids do approach and engage the party, but they are old tech and have been neglected so they are roughly a match for the party, to the difficulty that the GM requires to make it fun for the players.

Near the center, a locked door opens into a library with ancient books from all over the galaxy, as well as old fashioned tablets for reading data files.

There is Jossette Belle, Ludovic's kidnapped sister, reading ancient Klingon scrolls.

Surprise wars with suspicion. "Ludovic? You're here to rescue me?"

Ludovic is just surprised "Of course I am!"

The punchline

Jossette Belle has been kidnapped by a humanoid monster. He is the Monarch of Alodis. The party should encounter him at a moment that is convenient, but after Jossette's ambivalence is made clear. Otherwise it's probable that the PCs or the hired mooks would gun him down on the spot.

The Monarch, Steaba is suffering from a disease not unlike Proteus Syndrome and is horribly disfigured. Moving is difficult and he suffers a lot of chronic pain.

Steaba is not happy to find intruders in his home. he doesn't like having new people in but if necessary will summon his security forces to have the burglars removed.

Jossette is trying to talk Steaba into getting diagnosed by more advanced medicine. He is very very old, and has not kept up with the times.

Steaba had Jossette kidnapped and brought to him after they had some online interaction. He enjoys how she thinks and she thinks he is weirdly amusing as well.

Although the whole kidnapping thing has been awkward, Jossette and Steaba are working on resolving it. Jossette feels like she can make a serious difference to a man who is suffering to the point where he's not thinking clearly.

Curing Steaba

Curing Steaba and treating his condition is a pretty straight forward process for Federation medicine. A well equipped Starhip Sickbay should be able to make good progress on it and leave Steaba muchy less crippled and with much much less pain.

Steaba would be almost pathetically grateful.

The sickbay would also make a discovery about him. He is an immortal not unlike Flint. He's been the Monarch of Alodis for a long, long time. He began to fall ill centuries ago and retreated to a hidden existence.

The tunnel systems in Spradlin City are Steaba's doing. He had them built over time to facilitate moving around and interacting under cover. He is the only one who knows them all.

Steaba does have rare meetings with the high ministers of the government where he offers suggestions and takes reports on the health of the world and it's government.

His disease should have killed him long ago, but his condition of immortality kept alive and suffering.

He's been this way for so long and has accepoted it for so long, that all his ministers think he's SUPPOSED to be that way. Jossette was pretty sure federation medicine was advanced enough to at least make things better, but Steaba is very old, very cranky and very set in his ways. Jossette was finding it a long term project to persuade him to take the chance.

If the PCs can persuade him to visit their ship or the Federation consulate for treatment, he will come out of it looking much younger and much healthier.

This will affect his thinking in positive ways and he will rejoin life in public again.

So, now what?

If the PCs rescue Steaba from his condition, he will be a staunch ally of the Federation. He will eventually Marry Jossette Belle (And invite the PCs). Steaba will rescue Marcel Belle from his financial disaster.

Vincent's involvement will bring unfavorable attention to Andolini Import/Export. In time Vincent will disappear, ever to be seen again.

Ludovic will forever be known as dimwit and will hang out at the palace being carefully kept away from anyplace he could bring harm.

But wait, what if -

I can guarantee you that the PCs will do something to jangle this plot line up. So be prepared to have the game world and the people in it react in character.

Once the PCs break away from the throughline, the GM will have to be prepared to wing it and see where it all goes.

Which is why *WHY* everyone is where they are and what they think they're doing there is important. These will be the raw materials for the GM to sandbox this thing the way it goes.

How I did it

Roll 1d6 Even = AFI top 100, Odd = top 100 science fiction movies....

Roll one = odd ... sy_movies/

Roll 1d100 = 40

Beauty and the Beast (1946) ... 1946_film)

Roll two = even

First roll 49 - Snow white and the Seven Dwarves - discarded for being too similar.

Second roll = 32 The god father part 2

Okay (Cracks Knuckles) this won't be easy, but I think we can do something with this, here.

First principle - we're not going to transliterate both films. Although having Belle be Vito Corleone's daughter would make a hilarious Beauty and the Beast variation, that's both too much and doesn't leave room for the PCs to get involved.

So we're going to borrow elements from both films and see if we can create workable story

Marcel Belle Formerly a wealthy Merchant, down on his luck
Josette Belle - his intelligent and beautiful daughter
Adelaide Belle - Shrewish Sister 1
Felicie Belle - Shrewish Sister 2
Ludovic Belle - "Rougish" Brother

Marais (The Beast)

Dennis Roberts The Don
Michael Roberts The Dons Brother
Vincent Roberts The Don't idiot brother.
Various Tough Guys who work for Dennis Roberts

Hagen Thomas - A Federation Diplomat, undercover intelligence
Various minions of Thomas.

Planet Alodis

Geiry Steasis - Alodis Law Enforcement Chief.

Various down on their luck adventuring types to be hired by Ludovic and Vincent.

Penni - A Bolian Girl. Very good with electronics. Has a problem with a drug called "rainbow" which is a powerful Psychedlic hallucingen. Penni is crunchy and angry inside. In time the anger boils over and she either uses drugs or lashes out, making her difficult to be around. This comes from a difficult past, but she is in angry denial and so won't talk about it, address it ir anything.

But she can hack most lock systems, and is a decent electronics technician. Think a 24th century rogue.

Bomza - A Cardassian. Formerly a spy, was corrupted by the Orion Syndicate. This didn't work out. He barely escaped with his life and enough GPL to get cosmetic surgery to change his looks. Now he makes money as leg breaker and cheap hoodlum, and always moves on before too long. The Obsidian Order and the Orion Syndicate have a price on his head, but he's not really worth putting a lot of effort into tracking him down. He hates everyone and it shows.

Chung Wei-Wen - a former Starfleet Officer. He was bounced for being a sociopath. He's not stupid about it or anything, he just can't see any reason to care about anyone but himself. Now covered in Tattoos from a varied criminal career. His goal is the make a big score and then retire to Earth and put his feet up in style. Currently on the run. When a crime lord he was working for tried to sell him out, Chung killed the hell out of him and took off. Note that his mental disfunction is actually the result of brain damage from a poorly tuned transporter. This could be fixed if Chung Wei-Wen was willing. The medical officer would get a roll to recognize the syndrome.
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