TF16 USS HORIZON - Nova Class refit

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TF16 USS HORIZON - Nova Class refit

Post by An-Gel Sakura » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:00 pm

After a long hiatus from Task Force 16, I managed to get the old gang together again
to start up a new campaign. My RPG group was burnt out on Star Trek LUG after
decades of playing TF16 and disbanded for a few years to recoup. Now I got the band
together and have started a new starship made up of old and new crew.

We last left off after the Dominion wars, so this new campaign starts a few years
later. Starfleet is going back to space exploration and the newly refitted Nova class
has just come out. The USS HORIZON will be exploring more of the Alpha quadrant,
while most of TF16 will be going to explore the Gamma quadrant.

Since loosing so many ships and captains during the war, experienced officers are at a
premium. Those of the rank of commander are now being considered for COs aboard
smaller ships with crews of 100 - 300. Those with science and command skills are even
more in demand.

That being said, even someone like Cmdr. Kirin Rah-Xephon is being given a ship
to cammand. ](*,)

That which does not kill me ......BETTER RUN DAMN FAST !!! (\angel/)

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