JM's Top Twenty-Five, Week Ending 11/17/2018

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JM's Top Twenty-Five, Week Ending 11/17/2018

Post by JM1776 » Sun Nov 18, 2018 2:56 am

1 Alabama 11-0

Even the Tide can have trouble with the triple option.

2 Notre Dame 11-0

They crushed Syracuse. Clemson should have lost to SU. Simple transitive property.

3 Clemson 11-0

I think we're gonna see Irish vs. Tigers in a few weeks.

4 Central Florida 10-0

Sadly, we won't see Tide vs. UCF.

5 Michigan 10-1

I want to see them crush Ohio State so badly.

6 Georgia 10-1

Can they even hang with 'Bama this year?

7 Washington State 10-1

I'd take a Wazzu that won out over an Ohio State doing the same. I may be alone in that.

8 Oklahoma 10-1

They can't win it all ... can they?

9 LSU 9-2

They could still somehow slip in.

10 Ohio State 10-1

And Buckeyes-Wolverines is still relevant.

11 Utah State 10-1

Only blemish against Michigan State.

12 West Virginia 8-2

Kick the field goal, morons.

13 Kentucky 8-3

Even at 9-3 they're not getting a major bowl bid.

14 Florida 8-3

I think FSU may still beat 'em.

15 Boise State 9-2

And once again ruining Fresno State seasons.

16 Penn State 8-3

Struggled with Rutgers.

17 Syracuse 8-3

And ... back to reality.

18 Washington 8-3

Can still salvage season by ruining Wazzu's.

19 Army 9-2

I actually think Army probably beats any team outside the top ten.

20 Utah 8-3

Utes and Wazzu intriguing match-up.

21 Cincinnati 9-2

Well, they hung for a while.

22 Fresno State 9-2

They can still win the Mountain West ... but they won't, not with their nemesis Boise in the way.

23 North Carolina State 7-3

Back on track, sorta.

24 Northwestern 7-4

A division championship gets 'em ranked over all the SEC 7-4 teams.

25 Pittsburgh 7-4

See #24 above.
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