JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 9/30/2017

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JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 9/30/2017

Postby JM1776 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:36 am

1 Clemson 5-0

Can't really argue it: Best resume in college football.

2 Georgia 5-0

Do I think they're better than 'Bama? No. Have they done more? Yes.

3 Alabama 5-0

They're on a tear, but no one they've played is truly elite this year, not even FSU.

4 Oklahoma 4-0

They may be team four into the playoff even with two losses, especially if Ohio State runs the table.

5 Texas Christian 4-0

Don't think the Mountaineers can beat 'em, but ... should be an interesting game.

6 Washington State 5-0

Really quite a nice resume, considering.

7 Michigan 4-0

If they had an offense, they'd be unstoppable.

8 Penn State 5-0

Iowa win loses luster.

9 San Diego State 5-0

I would not want to play these guys. They get it done.

10 Washington 5-0

They're still under the radar, even after a national semifinal last year.

11 Wisconsin 4-0

They'll find a way to lose a big game. They always do.

12 Auburn 4-1

Can't penalize 'em too much for a loss to number one.

13 Ohio State 4-1

Crushed RU. Doesn't everyone?

14 Virginia Tech 4-1

Can't penalize 'em too much for a loss to number one, Part Two.

15 Miami, Florida 3-0

Sunshine State's got a quartet of excellent teams, none of which (just now) are Florida State.

16 Utah 4-0

Totally off the radar, but pretty good.

17 Southern California 4-1

QB struggling, and so is the offense. Wazoo whipped 'em.

18 North Carolina State 4-1

One loss only despite the rugged schedule.

19 Oklahoma State 4-1

Rallied to defeat an unbeaten team. Nice.

20 Texas A&M 4-1

I don't think Sumlin keeps his job unless they win ten games.

21 Central Florida 3-0

Collision course with ...

22 South Florida 5-0

... these guys.

23 Notre Dame 4-1

They need to run the table to sniff the playoff.

24 Florida 3-1

Smoke, mirrors and defense.

25 Troy 4-1

First non-conference win over LSU in Baton Rouge this millennium.
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