JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 10/14/2017

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JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 10/14/2017

Postby JM1776 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:13 am

1 Texas Christian 6-0

OK, hear me out: On the eye test, it's still 'Bama ... but the résumé clearly goes to TCU. Other than a reeling Florida State, the Tide haven't beaten anyone.

2 Georgia 7-0

And the Dawgs have a win over Notre Dame that's better than anything Saban's squad has done.

3 Alabama 7-0

They're probably the best team, but they haven't proven it yet.

4 Miami, Florida 5-0

No one's talking about them, but they keep winning.

5 Penn State 6-0

If they get through their next three games, I'll move them to number one.

6 Wisconsin 6-0

And they'll likely be waiting for PSU in the Big Ten title game.

7 Oklahoma 5-1

Beating Texas is starting to look like an achievement again.

8 Clemson 6-1


9 Virginia Tech 5-1

ACC is loaded for bear.

10 Southern California 6-1

Notre Dame vs. the Trojans is loser out, winner (if they run the table) in.

11 Ohio State 6-1

Control their own destiny again after the Clemson loss.

12 Notre Dame 5-1

And if they run the table, they're number two behind an unbeaten SEC king or TCU.

13 Oklahoma State 5-1

Bedlam is now also loser out.

14 Central Florida 5-0

Could they get into the playoff if enough Power Five teams have two losses? It's barely possible.

15 Washington State 6-1

Apple Cup ...

16 Washington 6-1

... has now rotted a bit.

17 Michigan State 5-1

Oh, yeah. Michigan State is done. Whatever.

18 North Carolina State 6-1

They're actually the ACC front-runner now.

19 South Florida 6-0

Wow. They really don't play anybody. It's a shame.

20 San Diego State 6-1

And the playoff dream dies.

21 Michigan 5-1

Imagine if they had an offense.

22 Virginia 5-1

Bronco Mendenhall is doing good things in Charlottesville.

23 Iowa State 4-2

The best win in program history last week, and they didn't follow it up with a loss!

24 Stanford 5-2

They look a lot better, but they have to be ranked behind San Diego State, or the polls are a sham.

25 Kentucky 5-1

This could just as easily be LSU, or Auburn, or South Carolina, or Texas A&M. As a matter of fact, just assume it is.

Knights Watch:

Rutgers showed signs of life yesterday, defeating the even more hapless Illinois Fighting Illini (which loosely translated from the Italian could be interpreted as "many little ill ones") 35-24. If they beat (or even give a spirited effort against) a much improved Purdue this week, I'll begin to have some hope for the future.
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