JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 10/21/2017

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JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 10/21/2017

Postby JM1776 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:05 am

1 Georgia 7-0

Their win at Notre Dame is the nation's most impressive victory this year.

2 Texas Christian 7-0

It's essentially a toss up: TCU has better wins, but ...

3 Alabama 7-0

... no one looks as dominant as 'Bama. Too bad their FSU stomp is essentially meaningless now.

4 Penn State 7-0

This doesn't mean they're just going to walk all over Ohio State.

5 Notre Dame 6-1

Well, that'll shut SC fans up for another year, thank God.

6 Clemson 6-1

Syracuse gave Miami all it could handle, which at least means the Tigers' loss is no longer shocking ... just extremely surprising.

7 Virginia Tech 6-1

Quietly in the mix. A loss to Clemson is still entirely respectable.

8 Oklahoma 6-1

Winning ugly, but winning ... and their loss continues to look less unattractive as Iowa State shows its mettle.

9 Ohio State 6-1

Still lacks a marquee win. That may change Saturday, but it ain't a sure thing.

10 Miami, Florida 6-0

I fear that when they lose (and it is "when"), they're gonna lose big.

11 Wisconsin 7-0

They will literally not play any elite team until the Big Ten championship game, which they'll likely lose ... yet even a win and 13-0 doesn't guarantee them a playoff spot. I'd take an 11-1 Notre Dame over them and sleep very well.

12 Central Florida 6-0

I've reconsidered: An undefeated conference champion UCF does not belong in the playoff. They just won't have enough on the schedule to justify it.

13 North Carolina State 6-1

And yet another loser-out game against Notre Dame.

14 South Florida 7-0

You know what I said about UCF? Goes double for USF.

15 Washington State 6-1

Now ... can they win on the road?

16 Michigan State 6-1

Unbeaten except for the Notre Dame loss. Impressive.

17 Washington 6-1

Now that USC's got two losses, I think a one-loss Washington's been eliminated, because a Pac-12 championship just won't impress the committee enough considering their lame non-conference schedule.

18 Oklahoma State 6-1

Bedlam is loser-out, assuming they both survive that far.

19 LSU 6-2

This is one of only two two-loss teams that can make the playoff. Beat 'Bama in a few then Georgia in the SEC title game, and all will be forgiven.

20 South Carolina 5-2

They take a big jump if NC State beats Notre Dame.

21 Auburn 6-2

And this is the other two-loss team that can get in. Beating 'Bama and avenging themselves on Georgia might just do it. It ain't gonna happen, though.

22 Stanford 5-2

Outside the mix no matter how good they look the rest of the way.

23 Memphis 6-1

Great unis.

24 Iowa State 5-2

Who would have imagined Iowa State vs. TCU would be a key matchup? The Cyclones could actually win the Big 12. They won't, but they could.

25 Mississippi State 5-2

Monsters at home.

25 Texas A&M 5-2

They'd still be in it if not for that epic collapse against fading UCLA.

Knights Watch: And Rutgers has officially climbed out of the National Embarrassment pit, with a two-game Big Ten conference win streak. They could still scrounge wins over Maryland and Indiana, which means that if they hadn't lost to EMU, they could have been ... BOWL ELIGIBLE.

Crap. Now I feel terrible again.
"I saw you beat that man, like I never saw no man get beat before, and the man ... kept ... coming ... after you. We don't need that kind of man in our life." – Duke to Apollo about Rocky, in Rocky II
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