JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 11/4/2017

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JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 11/4/2017

Postby JM1776 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:21 am

1 Georgia 9-0

The SEC Championship is looking less like loser-out ...

2 Alabama 9-0

... and more like round one.

3 Notre Dame 8-1

I have a feeling they're gonna win it all.

4 Clemson 8-1

Another quality win.

5 Oklahoma 8-1

Edges up after Bedlam.

6 Miami (Florida) 8-0

Now with two quality wins ... and yes, Toledo counts as one.

7 Texas Christian 8-1

It's looking like not one but two vs. Oklahoma for the Big 12 title.

8 Wisconsin 9-0

They're going to make history: First undefeated Power Five champion left out of the playoff.

9 Central Florida 8-0

Hoping for more losses above.

10 Washington 8-1

Still with flickering hopes.

11 Auburn 7-2

They can muscle their way in.

12 Virginia Tech 7-2

Tough, but not tough enough.

13 Michigan State 7-2

Kicking themselves for last week's loss.

14 Oklahoma State 7-2

Disgraceful defense.

15 Washington State 8-2

Apple Cup still interesting.

16 Southern California 8-2

No, they can't play their way back into it.

17 Ohio State 7-2

I enjoyed that immensely.

18 Penn State 7-2

Geez. In seven days, from world-beaters to afterthoughts.

19 Memphis 8-1

Better than a lot realize.

20 Iowa State 6-3

Yes, three losses. But bigger yes, two top ten wins.

21 Mississippi State 7-2

Can they give 'Bama a game? Probably not.

22 Michigan 7-2

Ohio State's loss opens the door.

23 Iowa 6-3

That was GREAT.

24 Toledo 8-1

Only loss is top ten Miami.

25 San Diego State 8-2

Win over Stanford and one fewer loss has 'em above the Cardinal.

25 West Virginia 6-3

First big win of the year, after losses to Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State and TCU.
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