JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 11/25/2017

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JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 11/25/2017

Post by JM1776 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:44 am

1 Oklahoma 11-1

Their lone loss looks a lot better than Clemson's.

2 Clemson 11-1

And this Clemson team beat Auburn.

3 Auburn 10-2

While Auburn did the same to Georgia.

4 Georgia 11-1

Win over Notre Dame still impressive.

5 Wisconsin 12-0

Make or break against Ohio State.

6 Alabama 11-1

Honestly ... no matter what happens now, they don't belong in the playoff. They haven't beaten anybody.

7 Central Florida 11-0

Thus far, most underrated team in the country.

8 Miami 10-1

Leapfrogs the Tide with a win over Clemson.

9 Ohio State 10-2

If they destroy Wisconsin, they should get in over a one-loss Alabama.

10 Texas Christian 10-2

Ditto if they destroy Oklahoma. The only difference is that a win over Oklahoma should get TCU in over Ohio State, as well.

11 Washington 10-2

Perhaps a little overrated, even by me.

12 Penn State 10-2

No chance this far back.

13 Southern California 10-2

Could a blasting of Stanford get them in on name recognition? Possibly.

14 Memphis 10-1

I think they get their revenge and ruin UCF's perfect season.

15 Stanford 9-3

Nice leprechaun pelt for their belt. They always manage to lose one more game than can be forgiven, though.

16 Notre Dame 9-3

Maybe they should schedule just one more tomato can.

17 Virginia Tech 9-3

Sneaky good.

18 Louisiana State 9-3

So which LSU is real? The one that battled 'Bama and beat Auburn, or the one that lost to Troy? Here's a possibility: They're both real. LSU is dangerous but mercurial, and Troy is a lot better than most realize.

19 Oklahoma State 9-3

They just scored again.

20 Michigan State 9-3

A win over Rutgers doesn't even help Eastern Michigan's resume.

21 San Diego State 10-2

Remember, they beat Stanford, at Stanford.

22 Washington State 9-3

Let's see if they manage to play themselves out of the top 25 with a horrific bowl loss.

23 Northwestern 9-3

Second to Wisconsin is no disgrace.

24 Troy 9-2

Now that win over LSU really means something.

25 Fresno State 9-3

Can they beat Boise State two weeks in a row? I doubt it.
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