CAUGHT on TAPE!!! Fact or Fake?

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CAUGHT on TAPE!!! Fact or Fake?

Post by An-Gel Sakura » Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:27 am

Pay close attention to the time stamp. )wtf(

Any comments or opinion on what you just witnessed? :bleek:
If you find more strange and unusual things caught on tape, please post them here.
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Re: CAUGHT on TAPE!!! Fact or Fake?

Post by Michael » Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:18 pm

I personally would like to believe in the things depicted in the two videos. However, the likelihood of them being authentic is next to zero. They are most certainly footage from someone's video project, either short films, low-budget feature films, or someone's CGI showreel.

The problem is if you can't verify where the footage comes from, you pretty much have to assume it's not real.

My favorite example supporting that assumption is from a YouTube video by a conspiracy theorist named DarkSkyWatcher74. He posted this under the title "UFO SHOOTS DOWN NASA SHUTTLE STS107 - I Want ANSWERS On This One 11-21-2013."

The sensational footage starts at 11:33:

His point is the shuttle Columbia was already broken up before it came into the atmosphere, and he references the shattered shuttle video as proof of this, suggesting NASA was hiding what really happened. To be fair to him, he does mention things about the footage which he has problems with.

BUT... if you watch the footage closely, you'll notice a logo "TFH" in the upper left hand of the image.

- - - -

The original source video is here:

The video is by a guy named TheFakingHoaxer, and here's his description for the video:
A video I made to show how the Shuttle may look if it was destroyed in space. Filmed from the ISS or maybe another Shuttle. All made with real photo's of the Shuttle then I used Photoshop to make it look damaged and in pieces. Then I put it in space using After Effects.

Music by James Horner.
Category Film & Animation
I'm not bothered so much by those who come by seeing the conspiracy video and wondering if it's true, it's the guy who made it, knowing where it came from, and yet putting it out there to support a conspiracy theory about NASA lying about aliens that bothers me. He's dishonest, and he knows it. Then in the comment section of the video, he tries to backtrack after being called out on it.

P.S. - I do have to admit, the work done in the original video is quite good, and even more so as it was all 2D flat artwork he used to pull it off.
-Michael Gray
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Re: CAUGHT on TAPE!!! Fact or Fake?

Post by amehatrekkie » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:08 am

there's plenty of software for faking stuff convincingly
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