JM's Top Twenty-Five, Week Ending 9/29/2018

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JM's Top Twenty-Five, Week Ending 9/29/2018

Post by JM1776 » Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:59 am

1 Alabama 5-0

The Tide looks more like a hurricane.

2 Notre Dame 5-0

This is one hell of a schedule they're navigating.

3 Louisiana State 5-0

Winning kinda ugly, but still winning. It's LSU's way.

4 Georgia 5-0

Nothing spectacular yet.

5 Ohio State 5-0

They did not win that game. Penn State lost it.

6 Kentucky 5-0

It's official: UK is for real.

7 Clemson 5-0

Should have lost to the 'Cuse.

8 Central Florida 4-0

Last year's champs still haven't lost since 2016.

9 Oklahoma 5-0

WVU-OU should be a defensive battle, right?

10 Penn State 4-1

You had a feeling the whole game they wouldn't finish.

11 Auburn 4-1

Still poised.

12 Michigan 4-1

Not out of it.

13 Washington 4-1

Could slip into the playoff if they and Auburn both run the table.

14 West Virginia 4-0

Defense, anyone?

15 Stanford 4-1

Whipped by the Irish.

16 Oregon 4-1

Quack attack back.

17 Texas 4-1

I'm actually looking forward to the Red River Shootout.

18 Miami, FL 4-1

Don't know how good they are, yet.

19 Syracuse 4-1

Excruciating. They have a seat next to Penn State.

20 Colorado 4-0

Untested, but undefeated.

21 South Florida 4-0

UCF-USF shaping up again.

22 Wisconsin 3-1

Overrated ... overrated ... overrated ...

23 Cincinnati 5-0

Is Brian Kelly back there again?

24 Florida 4-1

Ends Mississippi State's playoff dreams.

25 North Carolina State 4-0

Now they'll lose.

25 Washington State 4-1

Cougs fun to watch.
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