JM's Top Twenty-Five, Week Ending October 12th, 2019

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JM's Top Twenty-Five, Week Ending October 12th, 2019

Post by JM1776 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 3:45 am

1 Louisiana State 6-0

They look awesome. They have the best two wins in the country this year. They're undefeated. Ergo, I'm compelled to put them at number one.

2 Alabama 6-0

They look awesome, but they haven't played anybody.

3 Clemson 6-0

They look awesome, but they haven't played anybody, Part II.

4 Oklahoma 6-0

Texas is a solid win.

5 Ohio State 6-0

Part III?

6 Florida 6-1

LSU lit up their ferocious defense.

7 Auburn 5-1

They're still in it.

8 Oregon 5-1

Never should have lost to Auburn.

9 Notre Dame 5-1

Ranked above Georgia due to higher-quality loss.

10 Penn State 6-0


11 Georgia 5-1

Now that was ugly, UGA.

12 Wisconsin 6-0

Don't believe in 'em.

13 Boise State 6-0

Group of Five's best? I'm not convinced.

14 Baylor 6-0

Quick turnaround from the Briles disaster.

15 Southern Methodist 6-0

Baylor and SMU good? What is this, the 60's?

16 Minnesota 6-0

They have me believing.

17 Arizona State 5-1

Just keep winning, baby.

18 Michigan 5-1

Ohio State would crush them.

19 Cincinnati 5-1

Just like they crushed these guys.

20 Texas 4-2

Two tough losses, but both teams are just better.

21 Appalachian State 5-0

I like these guys.

22 Utah 5-1

Bubbling under.

23 Missouri 5-1

What a difference a QB makes.

24 Temple

Home field won that.

25 Tulane 5-1

Only loss to Auburn.

25 Memphis 5-1

That sucked.
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