JM's Top Twenty-Five, Week Ending October 26th, 2019

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JM's Top Twenty-Five, Week Ending October 26th, 2019

Post by JM1776 » Sun Oct 27, 2019 5:44 am

1 LSU 8-0

An even more solid number one after the Auburn win.

2 Ohio State 8-0

While I knew Wisconsin was overrated, still an impressive performance.

3 Alabama 8-0

This late in the season and still 'Bama hasn't played anybody.

4 Clemson 8-0

Like the Tide, they're probably awesome, but how would we know?

5 Penn State 8-0

I have a feeling that their days as an undefeated end when they play the Gophers.

6 Florida 7-1

This Florida State match-up is going to be interesting.

7 Oregon 7-1

Dat D.

8 Oklahoma 7-1

Not out of it, but ... listing badly.

9 Georgia 6-1

Now the win over the Irish doesn't look as good.

10 Baylor 7-0

Now the front-runner in the Big 12.

11 Southern Methodist 8-0

A real chance to run the table.

12 Minnesota 8-0

Greatest moment for this team since the 60'a.

13 Utah 7-1

If they're 11-1 and play an 11-1 Oregon for the Pac-12 title, a win'll get them into the playoff.

14 Auburn 6-2

I say it every year: Best two-loss team in the country.

15 Appalachian State 7-0

At this point "undefeated" starts to get serious cachet.

16 Memphis 7-1

Still in the hunt for that New Year's Day bowl bid.

17 Kansas State 5-2

Huge win for the 'Cats.

18 Wisconsin 6-2

I hate that I have to rank them. I think they suck.

19 Michigan 6-2

"Surprise, surprise, surprise!"

20 Notre Dame 5-2

Oh, well.

21 Wake Forest 6-1

Laboring in obscurity.

22 Cincinnati 6-1

Maybe it really is Power 6.

23 Boise State 6-1

In the mix.

24 Iowa 6-2

I'd hate if they ruined Minnesota's season.

(tie) 25 San Diego State 7-1

Quietly moving into position to claim that New Year's Day Bowl spot.

(tie) 25 Navy 6-1

A threat in the AAC.
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