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Crew Manifest

Postby Joshawott » Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:01 pm

This roster can and will be updated as we receive more members. NPCs are to be used respectively and reasonably. If you wish to create an NPC or a separate playable character, please PM me for arrangements. For now we assume that senior staff members who aren't created yet are injured and unfit for duty.

Image Commanding Officer - Joshua Dawnter - Human Male - - Played by Joshawott
Image Executive Officer - Tallia Yaren - Andorian Female - - Played by AlyssaJaneway2
Image CONN Officer - T'Lar - Vulcan Female - NPC

Image Chief Operations Officer - Zaeryn Riojj - Boslic Female - - Played by Bry_Sinclair
Image Operations Officer - Mejal - Benzite Male - - NPC
Image Chief Engineer - Gallen Tam - Joined Trill Male - - Played by captainuniverse
Image Assistant Chief Engineer - Huxil - Denobulan Male - NPC

Image Chief of Security - Michael McCormack - Human Male - - Played by KahlessOfVulcan
Image Warden - (Open for whoever wants to create an NPC)
Image Deputy - Ezsen Aryno - Bajoran Male - NPC
Image Tactical Officer - Ariana Chargestone - Human Female - NPC

Image Chief Medical Officer - Ramak Kala - Bajoran Female - -Played by AlyssaJaneway2
Image Chief Nursing Officer - Carlos Santura - Human Male - NPC
Image Nurse - Tari Akohr - Brikar Female - NPC
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