Has anyone finished watching Discovery's 1st fifteen eps ...

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Has anyone finished watching Discovery's 1st fifteen eps ...

Postby JM1776 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:07 pm

... and if so, what are your impressions?
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Re: Has anyone finished watching Discovery's 1st fifteen eps

Postby sirus » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:51 am

Well, since it looks like no one else if gonna jump in here and say it, I well. Prepare for some bile.

It was a mess. Both in terms of tone and consistency. Half the time plot details made no damn sense and the other half the time they were rushed through. It felt like it was slapped together it a big hurry. Half of the season it felt like they were ashamed to show off the ship and then they seemed to relish in it. The new designs for preexisting things are all bad. Saru felt cool, but he really would have been cooler with a 3rd arm and a 3rd leg. He looked enough like a Edosian to make him one. The uniforms were a disaster. Anyone remember when they made a point to call attention to the black badges? Because I do. And how about redesigning everything to the point that even the prime timeline Connie doesn't look right anymore. Way to keep things in line with canon.

In terms of plot, this was a mess. It seemed like quite a bit of it wasn't as serialized as they promised and part of it was. It was like they couldn't figure out if they wanted to do episodic or not. The Harry Mudd stuff was just terrible. He acted nothing like the Harry Mudd I knew from TOS and TAS and it was pointless to bring him in. The MU stuff, interesting as it was, was really off putting. I have never been that into the MU and honestly the big reveal that Lorca was from the MU was so predictable that most people saw it coming from the beginning of the season, and his jump from reasonably complex to flat out evil the second it was revealed strained credulity.

I feel like the addition of characters like Sarek took more away from the plot than added to it as honestly Michael's backstory really wasn't expounded upon until far too late into the season to matter, and by then she was just unlikable. Tilly was quirky, likely to appeal to the same sort of people that celebrate any character that remotely seems like they are "on the spectrum." Ash Tyler was a massive cock-tease for most of the season and then quietly done away with in the end. There was no real conclusion to his story. Lorca started as a character I disliked and ended as a Trump allegory, so that was obnoxious. Philippa Georgiou was underused and then overused. Never before has a character left with me wanting more and then overstayed their welcome so much. True I'm talking about two different versions of her like the same person, but Michael did half the time, so I feel justified. And then there was a handful of faces in the background that were basically "don't know, don't care." The side characters of the bridge were given nothing so I have nothing to say.

This show didn't fit into the prime timeline at all. Not in terms of design, story, or characters. It's morals practically spit in the face of the Ideals of what Star Trek was. It was a bastardization of something I loved all in the name of some pseudo-political message that some elites in Hollywood think is timely. It was a jumble of poorly written dialogue stacked on top of unlikeable characters (in the end I grew to like Saru and Stamet because both seemed to at least be interesting in their own right).

To call this show good would be a lie, but it is not the worst show I have seen. It is simply not Star Trek. It is a generic Sci-fi set in a version of a universe I feel like I should know, but don't.

Anyone remember when they said that this show was going to be based around an event mentioned in canon but never expounded upon? I wonder what event in this show was ever mentioned later? Because I've got nothing.
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Re: Has anyone finished watching Discovery's 1st fifteen eps

Postby Bry_Sinclair » Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:45 pm

I still can't make it past the train wreck that was "The Vulcan Hello" (ridiculous title for a pilot episode).

I've read comments made by others on the show and all I can tell is that characters are killed off left and right in order to add angst and drama, whilst there are multiple reveals of doppelgangers and evil twins galore, all of which just seems really tired plot devices just with flashy new special effects to distract viewers from what's been done before. Then there's the aesthetics of the show, all of which are a complete mess from start to finish and grate on me so much I can barely pay attention to whatever the plot was meant to be.

Had they said this was a full reboot of the franchise, I might be willing to sit down and watch it, instead they try to force it upon us that this is "canon" and set in the "prime universe". As such STD will remain just that, the herpes of Star Trek (something you don't want, but now it's here there's no getting rid of it).
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Re: Has anyone finished watching Discovery's 1st fifteen eps

Postby captainuniverse » Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:31 am

It would be better if you started at the third episode. They should have put Episodes One and Two later as explanation pieces. I feel like the pooch got screwed and didn’t mind it afterwards. No offense.
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Re: Has anyone finished watching Discovery's 1st fifteen eps

Postby Gazomg » Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:28 pm

I have not watched them yet and avoided most of the spoilers , so intend to watch it next week over a space of 2 days.

My expectation levels have been set low, just as it was for star trek enterprise.
Thankfully for me my expectation levels for enterprise were so bad from reading the then criticism that when I watched it I enjoyed it as i was expecting it to really suck. Its my hope Discovery is better than what i am expecting.
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