It "ain't heavy" anymore?

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Re: It "ain't heavy" anymore?

Post by JM1776 » Mon Mar 17, 2014 3:05 pm

Frankly, collierctr ... any writer who's written a sex scene involving a character probably knows whether he's circumcised, whether her drapes match her carpet (or in the case of certain girls, are smooth hardwood floors), how well endowed he is, whether she's petite or bodacious, if she has a gag reflex, whether he's a believer in oral reciprocity, she's a fan of spelunking, and a host of other characteristics someone writing orthodox Trek fiction never considers.
And Rafa Nadal once again reignites the GOAT debate.

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Re: It "ain't heavy" anymore?

Post by amehatrekkie » Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:01 pm

JM1776 wrote:Would the health benefits, which are debated even today, be applicable with the availability of 24th century medicine?
while any possible infections could be treated and cured, etc, why go through the hassle of constantly risking it and have to go repeatedly rather than prevent the infection in the first place?

some of the anatomical features can contain bacteria, etc....circumcision removes those features and a home for said bacteria. (that's the cleanest way to say that...PM me if more clarification is needed)
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