Another thread about DISCOVERY, gatekeeping too

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Another thread about DISCOVERY, gatekeeping too

Post by sirus » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:04 am

Ok, so I was presented with this article and had some thoughts (and will include some comments I made somewhere else to add a bit more to my thoughts).

link to article

Ok, I dislike the idea of "real fans" as much as the next person, but come on. The show has some major continuity issues and the tone basically it the antithesis of what a lot of people think of when they think of Star Trek.
I am super annoyed by the people who watch one Star Trek and start calling themselves fans as well. Maybe I am a gatekeeper, but you can't just watch DSC and decide that you're a fan of Star Trek. DSC might be a Star Trek show, but liking it doesn't make you a fan of Star Trek, it makes you a fan of Star Trek Discovery.
Also like no one wanted another prequel for Star Trek, no fan I knew wanted this. None! And people are pissed because rather than give us more of what they wanted we got another reboot (and yes with all of the differences between the DSC continuity and Prime Timeline continuity it is a reboot, I mean the Battle of Axanar takes place 5 years before DSC and involves Klingons, you can't just show up and rewrite continuity like this and expect people to be fine with it).
But what annoys me the most about that article is the tone, like saying that us purists are worse than racists/sexists. This is a real thing said in the article.
"In some ways, it’s even worse than hearing, “Star Trek: Discovery is bad because it has a black woman as the lead.” That we can all ignore (as frustrating as it is) as racist and sexist. But the thought that something as important as continuity within this universe should bother you but doesn’t?"
I am just, if you can't see the problems and gather around to praise this new show because of how "diverse" and "inclusive" it is, you are blind.
And this person, the one who wrote this, seems to have a problem with people like me and the Star Trek fans like me who say, you can come in to the fandom from DSC, but please watch some TNG or DS9 before you declare yourself a fan of the franchise and please stop acting like this new show is the best Star Trek.
I just, I hate this entitlement!
Imagine if you will two fans of Star Trek at a con, one is a fan of old school Trek, the other is a fan of DSC. They both say they are Star Trek fans. Yet from a certain point of view they are fans of two different things. They have a thread in common, but what if the old school fan is not a fan of DSC, for one of the many reasons there is to not be a fan of the new show, then they really are not fans of the same thing.
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