Star Trek - The Next Generation: Terra Incognita 001 (Spoilers)

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Star Trek - The Next Generation: Terra Incognita 001 (Spoilers)

Post by Lionheart » Sat Jul 21, 2018 2:56 pm

Its a continuation of the "Through the Mirror" mini-series, where Mirror Barclay is impersonating his counterpart. Its good so far, but not stellar. Mirror Barclay hates the way his counterpart is treated and sets out o do something about it, of course for selfish reasons.

There's a scene where they go to aid the USS Hood with engine trouble, and La Forge cuts him off everytime he makes a suggestion in deference to Gomez who is two ranks lower and fresh from the Academy, infuriating him because he knows the problem.

I like the problem with the Hood's engines because it is a real-world problem I saw on ship's while in the US Navy. Older Excelsior's are being used for short warp burst travel and not opening up their engines for longer cruises, causing engines problems. This happens a lot on Navy ships doing slow speed patrols, causing build up in the exhausts.
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