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If you dislike something, it's perfectly fine to say so. However, posting your dislike every time someone else says anything positive about a show or movie, essentially stating the same thing over and over again is not acceptable. If you have something new to add, or are replying to a specific point in someone else's comment, okay. But if it's just to state once again, "IT SUCKS!" Don't.
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Re: Star Trek: Lower Decks

Post by Gazomg » Fri Oct 30, 2020 12:09 pm

sirus wrote:
Fri Oct 30, 2020 4:24 am
I meant it as an irony. I don't need to do something but instead want to. It's a the idea of choosing to do something not out of a need to do it but instead out of the joy of doing it.

But that seems to be the issue. I took this as trivial "verbal jousting", fun little debates that could get heated at times, but still something for fun. I never got the impression there was a problem, but I can see, at this point, I misunderstood things. And with that realization it's not fun anymore, it can't be fun anymore.

I had a conversation with a friend recently and they implied that Star Trek was my favorite show and I found myself correcting them. Star Trek used to be my favorite show. Now all that is here for me is bitterness. I enjoyed arguing here as it kept that passion aflame and as long as I was passionate about Star Trek, it was still alive for me. But at this point I can't do it anymore.

I am tired of everything being so serious. I am tired of the debates and the arguing. I think I'm done with this forum for awhile. I clearly misunderstood my role here and I see no need to fill it anymore.

never ceases to amaze me how supposed grown adults can get so bothered when others dont like certain trek shows or berate the shows.
Its as if they are being personally attacked.

I presume Sirus you are like me in that we set out to watch these shows in the hope of enjoying them, not watching them in the hope of hating them.
I would have obviously preferred to have loved them, but it was not to be, and happy for those that did enjoy them. I am sticking with discovery, I am still hopeful, and will be the same for picard.

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Re: Star Trek: Lower Decks

Post by jayphailey » Sat Oct 31, 2020 3:19 pm

I am struggling here.

I want to acknowledge that an opinion exists and is valid, while at the same time, expressing I have zero interest in it and no desire to engage with it.

"New Star Trek Suck" or "New Star Wars Suck"

Is a valid opinion.

And I find it boring, tiresome and generally not worth my time.

Often I experience this as "I don't like Disco (or Picard or Lower Decks) AND YOU CAN'T EITHER." Which then turns into an argument and a debate.

If you don't like the new Star Trek that's fine, but I have zero interest in debating that because neither one of us will change our minds. Also, the debate can grow heated and lead to hard feelings or bad blood.

and I **REALLY** don't have time for that.

If, every time I say "Hey, I like this new episode of Star Trek" you feel like you have to jump in and yell "NEW STAR TREK SUCKS" what you're saying is, what I like is not important, the fact that you dislike it is more important, so important that it is the only thing worth discussing about New Star Trek.

I am not interested in having that discussion.

Been there. Done that. Got the hat.

So if that's all you have to add or all you have to say, please know.

I heard you the first 98 times. I get it. No need to repeat yourself, thanks have a good day.

INB4 "Well, you must not have really heard me or you'd agree that I was right" Yeah, but no. Thanks! See ya!
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Re: Star Trek: Lower Decks

Post by Jpatten » Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:08 pm

i Just finished going through Lower decks. I am not sure, though I think I may classify it as a guilty pleasure. I am not really invested in it, but it is holding my interest at the moment.
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