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Forum Rules Update 01-04-09

Postby Michael » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:07 pm

The forum rules have been updated with the following addition:

13) While the thread starter is accorded deference as to what the thread is about, there is nothing wrong with a little off topic banter, and as we all know, some threads evolve over time. We haven't established hard and fast rules about this because every thread is different. But the thread starter is not the thread-moderator. If the thread starter feels others are derailing the thread he/she can offer a gentle reminder to his/her fellow members about the topic of the thread. Anything further should be brought to a moderator or admin. However, posters in the thread should be mindful of what the thread is about and remain on topic, or start a new thread of their own.

You can find the forum rules here:

Thank you.
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