JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 9/16/2017

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JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 9/16/2017

Postby JM1776 » Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:29 am

1 Clemson 3-0

Two high-quality wins edge out Oklahoma's win in the Horseshoe.

2 Oklahoma 3-0

I really don't see either of these two missing the playoff.

3 Alabama 3-0

They're a virtual lock, too, but then we already knew that.

4 Southern California 3-0

By season's end, the win over UT will look a lot better.

5 Michigan 3-0

Beating a service academy is never easy, and Air Force gave 'em a tussle.

6 Mississippi State 3-0

Huge leap into the poll, but ... they handled LSU with ease.

7 Penn State 3-0

Offense looks unstoppable.

8 Washington 3-0

Beat Fresno as badly as did 'Bama.

9 Georgia 3-0

Dawgs could make a run.

10 Oklahoma State 3-0

Haven't really played anyone with a defense yet.

11 Virginia Tech

Scored 57 unanswered points after trailing 17-7. Wow.

12 Colorado 3-0

A sleeper in the Pac-12.

13 Texas Christian 3-0

Spotted SMU a 19-7 lead and then outscored them 49-16 the rest of the way. Wow, Part Two.

14 California 3-0

Win over Ole Miss gives 'em instantaneous street cred.

15 San Diego State 3-0

Ended Stanford's season.

16 South Florida 3-0

These guys are fast.

17 Washington State 3-0

Always good to have Mike Leach in the Top Twenty-Five.

18 Vanderbilt 3-0

Beating Kansas State always means something.

19 Wisconsin 3-0

Still haven't beaten anybody.

20 Ohio State 2-1

Army didn't look terrible.

21 Maryland 2-0

Now their Texas win looks great.

22 Oregon 3-0

Will they come out of nowhere?

23 Minnesota 3-0

Here's a bold prediction: I don't think it's Northwestern, Iowa or even Wisconsin that comes out of the Big Ten West. I think it's the Gophers' year.

24 Duke 3-0

Good Lord. Are they going to be good at football, now, too?!

25 Notre Dame 2-1

Their schedule is ridiculous. If they go 7-5. I'll still have them ranked.

25 Wake Forest 3-0

Tough D.

25 Florida State 0-1

Gonna be a weird season for the 'Noles.

25 Memphis 2-0

Yeah, I'm cheating with all these 25s, but it's my poll.
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